Make the first Vermintide free, at least for a while

Hello, devs.
As soon as I’m looking to buying V 2, I still would like to know the core game’s mechanic. In this case, why not to make the first game, which is not that active and user-rich at this moment, free? At least for some time, so the people who want to know what this whole thing is about, could start their acquaintance with Vermintide universe.
All the best.


No thanks.

This is a pretty cool concept to approach and a fun idea; it would show off some core-gameplay without losing out on any of their primary crowd for VT2. I always want to support more players getting into the game, but there’s a few concerns raised with it. Mainly, I’m afraid you would be a little blindsided by how far the game has come since its first iteration!

  1. VT1 is considerably smaller in the way of enemies to fight and options to play as
  2. VT1 still covers extremely fun melee combat; VT2 just does it better
  3. VT2 has far more variation in personal kits and allied kits that all work together in a huge variety of ways
  4. VT2 is more alive… that way you get the experience of hunting with companions who care!
  5. VT2 has some wonderful mod support that tweaks the game in all the best ways

I typed this after the rest because I realize it is very lengthy… don’t read it if you don’t want to!

VT1 comes with the five heroes and their unique weapon arsenals as well as some fearsome enemies and challenging level-layouts/puzzles to solve. You can customize your weapons even further as they grow more powerful.

VT2 delivers a wildly custom array of heroes; each hero has three sub-careers which each use their unique weapon arsenals in a different way. Each of those careers also have a talent-tree which can improve on their play-styles even more and create odd/epic combinations of weapons and skills.

Along with that, your enemy list has more than doubled in what you will have to deal with as the pactsworn-tide comes over the hill. There are unique monster battles like Bile-Trolls and Chaos-Spawn which will arrive in a most deadly fashion but do not rival the killing prowess of some of the Lord battles like Bödvarr Ribspreader.

It sounds like a sales-pitch because I am a little overly-enthusiastic about the game, but it really does master the absolutely epic melee-combat that few-to-no other games can rival. Give it a whirl… I think you will be pleasantly surprised! It is best experienced with some friends.

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it would be nice to have more of a player base in vt1 but tbh the player base in vt2 is pretty toxic and most of the people i see and play with regularly (i have 1300 hours in game and play about half and half pug/private games) are quite cool and happy that we dont have the toxicity of vt2 in vt1.

some of the current vt1 players also play vt2 but a very large percentage do NOT and WONT play vt2 as it is now or as the dev’s appear to want to take the game. mostly for the precise reasons you named

1: sub careers + the talent tree + more uses for the weapon arsenal that synergy together have resulted in players being very OP.

2: in order to challenge OP players the game just spams specials

3: in order to overcome spammed specials the game has power creep.

i play vt2 sometimes (i put a few hundred hours into the beta and about 30 hours into the game since) but its not a game i like.
i think the combat mechanics are different than vt1 and not in a good way or an improved way, ihe stupid loot box animations and having to run from the castle to the gateway is a massive time waste and annoying, the game isnt as brutally unforgiving and allows all sorts of toxic player types to thrive (im going to run off and spawn all sorts of crap and turn invisible and just run past it and leave it for you to deal with, hur hur), and honestly i just dont see my opinion being swayed to liking this game.

which is a shame because i wanted too. like i said 1300+ hours in vt1 and i desperately wanted to like this game. but its just not as good of a game as vt1 (except graphics which are MUCH MUCH better).

frankly we, in the vt1 community, are probably better off without the toxicity.

I just want the first game on PC for the costumes in V2. Not paying that much for the game though, I’ll wait until it goes on sale.

As for toxic players, they’re very rare. At least in my area, North EU. I might get a idiot every 50+ matches or so. I have around 1,300 hours in V2 and have only blocked around 10 people or so, even though the block list doesn’t work. But most people are pretty relaxed and just crack jokes. The rest seem to be really cautious and constantly apologize for friendly fire or dying. Not to stereotype, but I noticed a huge difference in the player base of games when I visit home. When I’m in Bermuda, I seem to get matched with Americans being the closest country, which tend to be a lot more toxic than the players I get here in Europe. Excluding the French ofc, which I have to pretend to hate since I’m British.


I completely agree with you on the spam part and then balancing it with powercreep but I don’t think that there are more toxic players in V2 than they where in V1 back when it was more active.

I generally like the feel of V1 over the spam of V2 especially the temp hp destroyed much of the survival aspect of the game.

But the added diversity in enemies and careers really elevates it over V1 in my opinion.

i dont think you are wrong. but vt1 is less active and less active games tend to not be the destination point of toxic players.

the temp hp did do a ton of change to the game. but its not the only really unbalanced aspect of the game. its just one of a long list.

somewhere the dev’s forgot what made vermintide so great. id have loved the same combat mechanics as vt1 ( with no abilities or traits of vt2) but with the better graphics of vt2 and the maps of both + the vast array of new and difficult enemies. that i would have poured cash into. quite literally, id pay A LOT to get to add vt2 maps and enemies to vt1 and keep the characters and gameplay as it is.

to me the better graphics (and they are stunning) just dont wash out the bad taste i get when i play. if id never have played vt1 id probably have thought it was really cool game but i think ive been spoiled by something so much better.


As an American, I can confirm that this is accurate. XD