Map Editor

In Vermintide 2 we were promised a map editor that never saw the light of day. Will this modding tool make it into Darktide? I believe custom maps could have really improved the longevity/replayability of the Vermintide series so I’d really love to see custom maps in Darktide.

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This is taken from FS’ server on Discord for Darktide, the FAQ section:

Will Darktide support mods?
Darktide will not support mods. Since the game will run on dedicated servers and use anti-cheat there will be no mod support.

I wish more people would talk about this. One of the reasons why I (and I’m sure many more people) sinked so much hours into KF2 was the map editor and custom maps (1500k hours in SDK, having fun creating levels). Just the possibilities for creativity… People whine about lack of content and it would actually satisfy some players and some of us who like to create. You don’t want mods to protect your precious cash shop I bet? Fine! But let us make maps and levels. My friend wanted me to get COD only because some of the custom zombie maps there is. It would only be beneficial but of course it will probably never happen. Sad.

While replaying Winter Assault I had an idea how you could create a level that would represent a psychic training within snowy environment of destroyed city, escorting a vehicle for example. Ah the possibilities.