So there was two things I had in mind when thinking about mods being added to the game - Quality of life improvements, such as HUD reworks and custom gameplay tweaks, and player-created maps and missions similar to how Killing Floor works.

While we have QoL improvements being made which are good, and I’m hoping some of them become whitelisted/implemented to the official realm, I haven’t seen a lot of talk about custom maps and such.

Will it ever be a possibility for players to create missions for other people to play via the Workshop, or for players to submit maps to be voted on? Is it possible now? I haven’t messed with the mod tool yet but seeing as there hasn’t been a single map on the workshop, I’m guessing it isn’t. Custom maps would add a ton more to do in the game and give people an actual reason to use the modded realm, so I’m hoping it’s in the pipeline somewhere.


I’m not one of the one’s that the devs are communicating with, but there doesn’t seem to be any tools for map making yet based on what I’ve seen. I don’t think we even have a map viewer for the current maps to get/compare coordinates for pathing mods, let alone an API or official repository for source code, compiling tools, library navigation, etc.

The modding landscape is still very new so I think we’re a fair bit away from certain things.


The tools aren’t out yet, but the devs have said they will be giving those tools to modders; they’re working on it now. So yes, maps WILL be possible. Just probably not for at least a couple months, I’d think.

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