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Do you remember why certain co-op games where succesfull? I mean i do!

Since the Release on the PS4 i have been thinking what the actual problem is with the game it’s not the Balance , the Grind or Cosmetics. It’s actually a simple thing that guarantees a Unlimited amount of Content.

That’s right! Community made Custom Campaigns. I remember as a kid and even untill today the fact that i could Download and enjoy community made Campaigns enjoy them with friends! and it never ended Every day new campaigns are added at that time and i could never get enough of it even untill today i go back and ask my friends to play Left 4 Dead to play some community made campaigns.

Shortly over the years bethesda introduced a Mod-Store For all platforms!

This was eventually abused but it has shown we can get all those mods cross platform without issues!

My feedback contains about implementing a Mod-Store That contains only community “Quality” made campaigns.

These campaigns should be Approved by fatshark for quality assurance! aswell certain Campaign contests to get on the custom Campaign Mod-store! These can be bought with a small fee.

Because as we can see the problem is the amount of content it has to offer! It’s to low and because of it the playerbase dropped with ridiculous amounts! We all have great Ideas from the warhammer lore to Create something unique!

I mean if we need to rely on only Official DLC even on the Source Engine , The games would be Death by now they would have died years Ago. Especially the Co-op games.

I would love to hear something about this idea , it can make a difference in me and others to keep playing it or leaving as a final decision.

Modders will create maps because they love modding, not because they want to make a quick buck. There’s so many free modding platforms that perform well and all the ones where modders are incorporated with the company don’t do very well and get a bad reputation. I’d love to play custom maps but without knowing how good they are, I wouldn’t want to spend money on them. We drop money for DLC because it supports the company, helps them produce more content for us (if that’s their business model of course), but giving money to a modder doesn’t guarantee any additional content.


Is this what i think it is?
Somebody has fallen for Bethesda’s cheap lies?
Forsaken all that is sacred to the modding community?


I don’t believe the bethesda’s creation nonsense is a good example of what you want to highlight.

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If they added in a map editor I would be on it like white on rice, I would make soooooo many stupid maps for this game.

Im talking About Community made Quality DLC Campaigns , Custom Campaigns and maps .

Cross platform! So everyone can enjoy it!

Nothing else just New Campaings and maps for free or even for a small fee. No skins , no other mods.

Just custom made maps and campaigns that get reviewed and approved by fatshark for quality assurance and can be enjoyed on PC,Xbox and PS4.

So i dont need to play my handfull of maps 1 million times over and over and over on Legendary and that we can play a wide variety of campaigns without ever getting bored.

I think every map made should be playable by anyone and not just “fatshark approved” maps, even if they are put in a separate map pool that gives no rewards (for similar reasons to certain mods not being whitelisted)

That would be a great idea! I was indeed talking about approved maps for the issues regarding the Experience grind. But just putting them seperate would be great! :slightly_smiling_face:

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