Could we finally get some infos on mods/modding tools/dedicated servers?


It’s been a while since we heard something of it… well actually we haven’t heard anything specific about it.

As you guys advertised it so much that V2 will have mod and dedicated server support, then you should finally tell us what it will possible to do with them (and when we will get them - as you removed the roadmap those “ETAs” were killed with it I guess).

I find it funny that the questions about it are avoided like fire. For me it looks like those tools aren’t even available on paper, let alone being made/coded.

So can we finally get some infos? It’s time to give some - you owe it your playerbase.



I just noticed they removed it, when it happened?
I’m pretty sure it was still here few days ago

(Anyway yes any dev comment about that would be appreciated)

Saw it somewhere here on the forums, looks like it was removed recently.

Uhm, if i am right - Over the Play button in the launcher you have the Options between “Official Realm” and “Modded Realm” but you cant chosse rn - i am not sure if it was lways there, but i noticed it just after the beta patch ^^

Adding non functional buttons aren’t quite the official statement I was looking for :stuck_out_tongue: that’s what my school projects in programming also had :smiley:


This appeared

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You find it funny? Have you seen how people react when you give them a time window and you don’t manage to release anything at the START of the window? They say you lied (even if that lie has not yet manifested). And that is from these forums.

This is why all communication is done very carefully, because people WILL claim you lied if you fail to uphold your schedule.

So can we finally get some infos? It’s time to give some - you owe it your playerbase.

Given the situation described above and this statement here (that they owe you an explanation)… don’t you think they are a kind of in a hard place when it comes to communication?

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Well they started it with advertising it before it went into pre order beta :wink: back then, the “coming soon” text wasn’t even there - they added it shortly before the start (that is already bad practice). So some of us bought it with the knowledge that those things are there at start.

If they already made a first plan about “when” those tools would come, then they will also already know what those tools will be capable off.

If they need another 2-4 months to get the tools to us, fine, I can wait. But if they can’t even give us infos about them, then they should have not advertised them at all in the first place and just announced it later on when they have something to show/tell.

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Are you saying that

  1. They made a statement, that was amended (let us assume it was a mistake and not a ploy)
  2. Still offered you a possibility to refund (or rather you still had it via Steam)
  3. They still owe you?

What should they do to fix their mistake (assuming a mistake was made) so they would not owe you?

If you have to ask that, then you probably haven’t read my whole opening post or still don’t know what this thread is for. If you have to say that they owe “me”, as if I am the only asking this around, then sorry if I am rude now but I will stop here discussing it with you.

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You find it funny? Have you seen, how people, who clearly did not read the roadmap at all, act like they’re omniscience and treat people who dare voicing an opposite opinion as lower species.

Now here is a link to the old roadmap and a couple of quotes from there. Enjoy.

Sorry for this one, but BUMP.

It’s time now. 3 months already since this thread and still no infos afaik

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I read in the livestream that dedicated servers apparently weren’t cancelled, but the hurdles caused some issues in giving us the tools to do it. It still would be nice to see a roadmap though or at least something that says what the possible plans are for the future.

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