Fatshark SDK?

Will there be any modding tools available to the community after release?

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There’s some poor soul at FS now who is responsible for sanctioning mods who’s eye just started twitching at the mention of modding. With the fact mod support backfired with VT2, I reckon it’ll be a non starter from the word go.

Can you please explain how mod support backfired with V2? I’m kind of sad you can only use some mods and I believe mods are here to make it all more fun. I think in 2021 most games should have great modding tools so that devs don’t throw away a good product to die of old age without the community’s support.

There were supposed to be continuous waves of sanctioned mods that made it into the official realm. There’s about 30 ish now (I think) but the process of getting mods into the game is defunct and simply doesn’t happen any more. I had hoped for keep decorations, player-made recoloured skins,

The modded realm is used by very very few people to either play extreme high level games or to number crunch, There isn’t some thriving modding scene at all. With hindsight it was a massive waste of time when FS should really have been focusing on fixing a pretty busted game(on launch and for the first year after launch).

Add into the fact balance discussions here sometimes degenerate into what’s good for DW+ONS and it makes it even harder to get a sensible discussion on balance.

IF Fatshark had never touched mods at all and put a clamp on mods in official realm then they might have freed up some people for other stuff. Who knows, but there is no such thing as “mod support” any more.


Maybe we don’t need to sanction mods and just have the games with custom maps and gamemodes be unranked. That’s what every other game does.

I kinda hope they allow some community-made skins and hats to be voted into the game. I think both the fans and the creators would be happy with that. Warhammer fans are especially creative. I can see a lot of fan-made mods just like in the Total War series. Even a slight alteration of an existent headgear can quickly become a helmet of a completely different regiment.

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