When are we getting mod support?

Vermintide 2 would really benefit if it had true mod support in the official realm instead of the sanctioned system.

A good example of this is Deep Rock Galactic mod support system, you can see in the lobby browser if a server is running mods or not, and if you join it tells you what mods are on, and you can back out if you don’t like the mods. If you don’t have them you can download them to join the server.

I believe this needs to happen because a lot of good sanctioned mods now no longer work on V2 and that’s a real shame and proof that the sanctioned system isn’t reliable.


Probably never.

You also has to mind that VT2 (And DT) are also controlled by GW, which are much restrictive

In regards to the lore and what is held as canon, absolutely.
In regards to mods? I don’t think so. Otherwise things such as fan art or stories wouldn’t be possible.
Besides, we’ve never seen any statement from GW that clearly stated they were against mod support for V2.

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they are pretty restrictive with content creatures, fanart-artist and youtuber as well, not only with the lore.

Mod support as a loose term? They probably arent…but in the details is where the dragon sleeps.

They casually drop Cease&Desist notices against fanartists and content creators that they think dont hold well enough against their cannon with underlying threats of lawsuits. Was a huge purge of stuff a few years back. So if someone were to like let the warrior priest use a spear in a mod then that´d be a likely no-no.

Then we also have the problems with spaghetti code and dividing up the playerbase even more.