Where to Start Mod Development

Not sure if this is in the right section, but:

I’ve been considering making a mod for V2. My interest is primarily in the area of the talents and passive abilities, if it matters. I have never modded anything before, however I do have a significant amount of programming experience, so I’m confident I’ll be able to learn quickly enough. So, I have two questions.

First, should I wait for the upcoming mod tools to be released, or can I start learning and building now?

Secondly, I imagine modding uses some combination of file replacement and event hooking to do what it does. Does anybody know of a good place to learn the basics of this? Or at least what language the scripts are written in for the mods in V2, so I can get some practice in?

Thanks for your help.


Commenting as I’m interested to learn as well.

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I think someone mentioned a Steam community of Vermintide modders, that might be a good place to start… I’ll try to find the link.

Edit: Found it. Official and Mod Realm Confusion


Thanks for the link!

So in that steam group there was a few topics that I learned a lot from. First of all, there is apparently already a V2 mod compiler out for those who are in that steam group and have a key. With that said, there were some comments elsewhere recommending that new people just wait until the full mod release. Source

Regarding my second question, the mods seem to be mostly written in Lua and use an SDK provided. So guess it’s time to get familiar with Lua until the SDK is officially out! Looking forward to it.

Any more info would be readily welcome!

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Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu