Darktide and Mods

Will this game have the same way of implementing mods, with an “official” and “unofficial” realm? I sincerely hope not, because I feel like that distinction has caused numerous problems and prevented people from getting much into the modding of Vermintide 2. Please consider allowing client-side mods in QP and allowing anything in private matches without preventing all progress.


while I really understand your concerns about the fact that modding in VT2 has ground to a halt, I think there still needs to be very strict controls on what mods can be put into the “live” game.

I’d be absolutely in favour of some way of the community putting in all kinds of retextures for weapons, armour and such - HOWEVER - we’re talking about GW properly here, so having some characters with daft skins or some awful bending of the lore from a GW perspective it’s gonna be a nightmare to police.

In fact, policing things is why we’re in the position we’re in with VT2.

Sad news it, it’s not 2005 anymore and companies are much stricter about abusing their IP.

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I am the lame guy that doesn’t want this at all because it leads to players cheating progression systems a lot easier (looking at DRG)


Cosmetic changes would just be client-side, and the Steam Workshop itself can be policed to keep IP-violating (or total lore-breaking things) under control. Mods that tweak UI or bot behaviour (for hosts) like in Vermintide 1 should be allowed for the health of the game. And if someone wants to make a mod where they look like something ridiculous or have pink armor - as long as it’s only on their end, there’s no harm being done.

@spatnack I don’t like cheating for progression, either, but even in VT1 only hosts could run such cheats and I hardly, if ever, saw them.

Have you… Played Total War: Warhammer 1/2?

If not I can tell you that there are plenty of daft skin mods which makes various races quite naked. The only ones not allowed are skin mods that infringes copyright from other IPs (such as Warcraft etc), but Steam catch those the minute it gets uploaded so, there’s that. GW don’t give a damn about such mods, it’s not their problem - it’s Fatsharks problem. They just want their license money.

As a Hack’n’Slash co-op game which does support mods, there needs to be a barrier between cheat mods and QoL/Cosmetic mods. That is why there’s two realms.
Diablo 2 had the exact same system with an unmodded realm (closed b.net) and modded realm (open b.net).

What would be great is if they released a level editor, a cosmetic editor and allowed QoL mods.
That would ensure that:

  1. The community can provide maps increasing longevity of the game as they have for L4D2.
  2. Can make cosmetic items so people can be fashunable.
  3. Can improve upon UI/Bots

All of which Fatshark could choose to implement to the base game like Blizzard does on occasion with WoW Addons which are a massive improvement to their own systems. Just don’t make free content paid content, that’s bad for your reputation and thus bad for business.
That won’t happen because, why get their DLC maps/cosmetics when you could get free maps/cosmetics. Would still be lovely. QoL mods will surely be supported as is currently the case.

I understand your point, but Fatshark hasn’t approved any new mods for well over a year now (almost two?). They’ve said they only have one person who handles that, and they’ve just kinda stopped. Do we really think it’s going to be better when they have another game to handle?

How often did anyone ever even see cheaters in VT1? I saw a single person who used a cheat, and I just left that game. It’s not a PvP game (and yeah, I know we’re getting a PvP mode someday, I could understand if that is more stringent, though mods are one reason it would be better IMO if they had never gone that way), so cheating has relatively minor impact.

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