Request for Darktide

I don’t know about the rest of the community but I would like Darktide to have a clean UI in-game.

I personally feel the V2 UI is absolutely atrocious compared to the UI from the first Vermintide game.

I don’t want my entire screen full of junk is what I’m saying.

I would even settle for a UI options in the game settings to be able to move and resize the UI to my liking. I think this could be a viable option for all players. It would be better to add this in game instead of through mods as we all know that some updates/patches break mods temporarily and it’s just completely frustrating.

I would also like an option to move the chat window. I’m blind in my left eye so I have no left side peripheral and I hardly notice the chat window popping up when someone sends a message. I would like to be able to move it to the right hand side so I would be able to see it better.

I would greatly appreciate either a clean UI format or an option to edit the UI to maximize the gaming experience.



I hope that most of the functionality enabled by approved mods in VT2 is incorporated into DT before launch. They are obviously popular and including them in the base game would avoid all the patch incompatibility problems.

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