UI Mods setup thread

Here’s a concept. I know for sure a lot of players don’t really like the vanilla UI disposal of VT2, and that’s why we got mods like UI Tweaks. Pretty sure you all have your own setup, but I figured out it would be useful to just share them all out, so new players can find useful stuff if they want :smiley:

NB : The px values are for my 1920x1080 res, don’t know if it works out fine on every resolution. If values aren’t indicated, it means it’s default value.

MODS PARAMETERS (Press F4, or Esc and Mod options)

-Killfeed tweaks
Bottom right, Reverse direction, 10 seconds, -390 X, -90 Y

-Numeric UI
Total of personnal health, with maximum. Disabled for team. No ammo counter. Ability timer activated for me and team. Last life and Natural Bond icon (not sure if this one is useful as it’s activated in UI Tweaks too).

-UI Tweaks
Unobtrusive Objective and Mission marker. Reload reminder and persistent ammo counter. No animation for buffs align, -125 X, 200 Y, 15 Max active buffs.
50 Y for Player portrait.
Hide melee and ranged item slot, -1 slot reposition, -280 X, 70 spacing.
Teammate ammo bar with heat indicator and hide ammo indicator.
Teammate Ult cd -20 X, -73 Y
Teammate portrait horizontally arranged, 130 X, -850 Y, 160 Spacing, Important icons enabled, -32 Y, all traits enabled.
Subtitle offset 110 X

There you go, hope it will be useful to some people :smiley:

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I’m curious, what’s the orange bar below the ULT? I tried using this mod last patch and it caused too many weird crashes for me.

I don’t personally use UI Tweaks, as I’m happy enough with the default layout, and from the Killfeed Tweaks I have only the more compact option ticked (as the usual version with everything shown separately is kinda annoying and hard to follow). Otherwise, Numeric UI and Persistent Ammo Counter are pretty awesome.

But even if you’re like me and don’t need the UI Tweaks mod otherwise, there is at least one thing where it would be useful. If you play Twitch Mode often, and use Sienna or Ironbreaker with Drakefire, you’ll notice that the Overheat bar overlaps with the Twitch options, which is annoying at best, and quite detrimental to following your heat level at worst, so moving that can be a good idea. My usual host did do it; I haven’t yet as I rarely play either one who needs it.

Not sure, but guessing ammo?

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Yes it’s ammo/heat bar :slight_smile:
I’m actually completely fine with usual UI, but I find this a bit better :3 But yeah those mods have a lot of smart and useful stuff in them :smiley:

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