Let's talk about mods

1st I want to thank fat shark for allowing mods. I have been waiting for a scoreboard for so long And finally I have one. Most of the other mods available are Good I’m happy to see them but There is one mod in particular that absolutely needs to go.

HP bar mod.
This mod is a handicap for players. By using this mod you gain extreme advantages.

  1. Knowing what elite or special to target. For example. 2 bullwarks in front of you one is full health and one is almost dead. Knowing the hp will obviously allow you to target the low hp bulwark and quickly remove the threat.

  2. Visual cues. Seeing the health bars of the enemies is similar to being able to tag everything. Now every class will have a veteran ultimate.

Please fatshark Consider removing or banning this mod For the health and longevity of your game. If you let things through like this who knows what other kinds of mods people will start to release To trivialize your game.


Was honestly bit suprised that HP bar mod was something that they created for general playerbase to use. For clarity sake this mod was never sanctioned in vermintide2 and thus was only usable in the modded realm gameplay.
Yeah i know its a staple in vermintide1-2 modded scene but this will be an interesting discussion to see if something this informative is good for this game immersion/difficulty wise.

My general stance is pretty neutral right now, i can definitely see the issues of it.


Well… this is a cooperative game.
If you have a problem with this mod, you just need to not use it.

Why wanting to forbid other to use it if they want?


With this logic why not let people install a godmode hack


No, cause the god mode impacts the others players.


Hahahaha now you understand why an hp mod is bad. This exact reason


Sorry, no. I disagree.
You compare a mod that impact the interface with a hack that would permits someone to kill everything


Ok so a wall hack only impacts a person’s interface. Should that be allowed?


You are not doing yourself any favors by arguing so dishonest and fallacious. Nobody likes being strawmanned.


Actually what mods would every consider overpowered?

Score board to me is no problem.

I would consider HP bars with damage numbers like the meat grinder in regular games pretty much cheating but it wouldn’t effect me at all.

I really want some sound effects or icons for weapons activation of blessings.

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Where do you all even get your mods from?

It is cheating. And it will affect you because people in your games using it will be playing differently with all the extra knowlege they have on their screen. This will for sure change outcomes of games.


I would have agreed with you a week or 2 ago when I wasn’t playing damnation but now I don’t think it even matters.
You just keep swinging till they all die.

It definitely is cheating just not really that big a advantage in my eyes.

Mods are HERE - Instruction Video Linked (link to discord community with instructions in comments) : DarkTide (reddit.com)

Its definitely pretty big in terms of target priorization. There is just no way to gain such sitsuational awearness without playing with the mod. Supposedly you can even make the healtbars be constantly on so you can pretty much see enemies behind wells and such.


I very much agree. I completely understood why they kept this out of official realm in VT2 and I was pretty shocked to see it in Darktide. I thought you outlined pretty clearly how it grants a gameplay advantage, I don’t find “it doesn’t affect you” convincing because it does give a noticeable tactical advantage and that will for sure influence how matches play out.

Other stuff is great though. I’m loving creature spawner for testing DPS against targets you can’t normally test against. Now I know Thunder Hammer is weirdly garbage against assassination target shield, can get a better idea of what my ranged weapon’s boss DPS is. Just wonderful stuff for exploring the weapons more thoroughly.


Coming from the perspective of Payday 2 mods i find it really weird that this would be the thing people get hard stuck on but that’s just my opinion. Like that game has modded interfaces for everything ranging from objective times, enemy hp, player hp, easy button holds, displays that show what everyone has for equipment, all kinds of stuff.

I really don’t think seeing enemy hp is that huge of a deal especially when short of Crushers or Bulwarks most things take like 3 or 4 hits anyways with a Mk 5 combat axe. Hell if people really need that much of a visual aid and it helps them so be it. More information isn’t exactly an auto win button and it’s not like the break points aren’t already mapped to hell and back.

Just having a better hud in general so you can actually see your team’s hp numbers would be nice just to be able to tell what hp people are at before snagging healing since 75% health could be 75% of base hp or 75% of hp after curios which can huge difference. It would also be nice just to get a better idea of how your team is doing and if they need the extra boost before topping up.

Also before the obvious question gets asked: No i don’t think it’s fine for people to run around with godmode / infinite ammo type mods since it completely removes any player agency from the game and does actually make it so any challenge is effectively removed vs giving more information for people to work off of. I also find anything that is an auto hold or auto click acceptable because that falls under game accessibility and sometimes it can be dam hard to hold buttons if you have any kind of condition that effects your hands or fingers. Even then if someone was using the god mode stuff in a private game i literally would not give a dam.


I already considered health bars cheating in vt1 when they introduced the mod there. 3rd person with heath bars were the real cata pros, lmao

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i find it strange that fatshark went from “there will be no mods in darktide” to “you guys can pretty much cheat now we dont care”. this is why having sanctioned and unsanctioned mods is so important. although if we can get mods like hp bar into the game that fundamentaly will change the gameplay can we get damnation 2/3 and our own choice in special conditions added as well?

what is even the limit to mods now? i have no idea now that the hp bar mod exists.


In V1 HP bar was allowed and honestly IT DOES help but its not that big of an advantage that you might think it is.

On Damnation you spam tag and it will always ALWAYS ping something cuz there is just so much stuff everywhere.
Choosing to fire between targets based on what has more/less HP sounds good on paper until you realize those 3 shotgunners are stacked on top of each other (as they always F-CKING do) and you cant tell which is hurt … or even shoot him through density.

In many ways HP bars obscure other things you need to see.

ONLY HP bar that I would play 100% is one of f-cking snipers, idk what they did with their spawn but my character says “SNIPER” and before he ends saying it someone is dead.
It is not a skill issue if you cant see the f-cking laser beam (especially on outside during the day maps)

To be fair picking our own choice of special conditions, map, and difficulty should be a base game feature (this is something left 4 dead literally did, payday 2 does, many others do) and something that shouldn’t need to be modded in but you know what? Sure.

We are at such a bad state for player count that i really don’t see the point over pitching a fit over something that is at best allowing people to make smarter calls and co-ordinate better and at worst clutters up the UI a bit more, doesn’t serve any major benefit and makes the game more enjoyable.

This is making such a mountain out of a molehill. Tell the truth more QOL mods that Fat Shark likely aren’t going to put in themselves is a great thing.

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