Enemy Health Bars & Damage Values

Please show the enemy health bars and player damage values, as implemented in the psykhanium, inside actual missions. Yes, I’m aware there’s a mod that does this but this is a basic feature that should be stock.

Thank you.



Really, really, no thanks!

I tried that mod and the screen just got covered in junk info. It was just too much. It lasted one game and then got uninstalled.


Of course it should be an option you can turn off.


If anything, I think they should ban the HP bars mod and decode cheater mod. Shame on ppl who using those.

Why? Health bars and damage values are standard in RPGs, and this game has several RPG elements, and it could have one more.

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Let it be an option we can enable/disable in-game without mods.


It sounds like you had the health bars enabled for ALL mobs.
Ideally you set up the health bars to just show for elites and specialists.


Oh not this crap again…


Because some think that it gives you a competitive edge or helps you win games.
I think some people have no idea what they are talking about but then again, those people would say the same thing about me so there’s that :slight_smile:


Hah. No. That’d be hilarious though! :blush:. I’ve seen some screenies of the enemy spawner in the psykhanium and I just can’t imagine something like that moving.

No it was just elites and specials but I found I was too distracted by them with large packs.


It’s not “some think”, it’s “it gives you a competitive edge”. It’s very clear and simple. Shame


he be chasin dem green circles


The only reasons I’ve ever heard for why the HP bars are cheating / giving you an advantage are compensated by skill dif. and experience or just straight up misinformation on how the mod actually works.

I’d love to hear you actually add some substance to your opinion instead of being cute.

This is the hoxhud debate all over again

hp bars might not give a major advantage but it is a crutch that lets you decide target priorities very easily and efficiently using information not accessible by a normal player
there have also been bug reports where people can see hp bars thru walls which is straight up cheating if intentional

however I don’t think they should be banned because this is a PvE game and i really don’t care what people are doing if they aren’t bogging the team down

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:rofl: :rofl:

I mean if you really need an explanation, I think it’s ok you can use it. I’m not sure if you’re trolling me or you really don’t realize.

Why was it even a debate in the first place? It’s clear ppl who are using it want to have an edge. It makes it’s way easier to prioritize, allowing for more efficient and safer mob clearing. Moreover, it signals that those ppl are desperate to be on the scoreboard. With that mentality, it makes the game shiit.

I am not going to pretend like there isn’t a benefit to having access to more information over not having it. Trying to make that point is silly. Coincidentally, that’s not the point I’m making.

The way you worded your points here, shows exectly what I was talking about earlier when I said that skill diff. was all it took to make up the difference the mod gives you.

A normal player in DT is straight up unaware and bad at the game.
Which also means that if you’re aware and not bad at the game, this benefit is lost to you.
Yes there are situations where you can’t realistically know how much hp an enemy has left but once you’re good enough, this difference will never save you from a loss.

Because the difference will not change the outcome of your match, I say that it doesn’t matter that there is a difference.
If it helps a bad player close the gap a little, why not? We all know your average randy needs all the help he can get (and it still doesn’t matter)

Pretty sure that “bug report” and “intentional” do not go together. It’s either one or the other and can’t be both.

On top of the difference being too small to actually change the outcome of a mission, it’s done in a PvE game.
My point exactly.

People in a forum want to discuss. The only people that are reluctant to elaborate are clowns.

You seem to be the kind that thinks that their opinion “is obviously fact so there’s no need to explain it”
You know what that makes you look like?
like this guy: :clown_face:

The reason is obvious and you know it so don’t play dumb. If it doesn’t help with anything, why don’t just remove it? As simple as that. Call me whatever, and keep convincing yourself and others the mod is fine.

You claimed it helps bad player, but does it prevent decent players from using the mod? Just another guy desperate to be on the scoreboard.

if you dont need it, why not just remove it??

Yeah we should just remove all cosmetics in the game. Not like those are necessary. Yeah we should just remove all brace autos besides the agripinaa, not like the others are needed. Yeah we should just remove the thunderhammers, we got the shovels after all.

Also wtf are your projecting the whole score thing? And please enlighten us what this so called ‘obvious reason’ is.

Ive turned off hp bar for all enemies because i found the cluttering to be too much on auric damnation levels, and outside from being able to tell a rager train is about to run me over 500ms earlier (which surprise surprise matters little) and maybe being able to shoot a bomber from behind his stupid wall of fire its hardly changed my performance.

Why the hell do you care so much about scores if youre so avert to it in the first place? Please explain.

wth why is the relevant?

Yeah just completely ignore this?

Already stated that ppl who use this mod: