Let’s talk about mod (part 2) - Report of a mod

Linked to this thread (as now all topics close in 7 days - who had this horrible idea?)

The mod Counterfire fix is a cheat.

Please Fatshark, do what you have to do about this… but do not punish all of us and don’t impact mods. That’s why I report it here.

Here the description of this mod

Counterfire will now designate Renegade Assault enemies and refresh Volley Fire on kill

I think that, on this, we can all agree, that this is a cheating mod that should lead to bans (temporary, I hope).


this is a bugfix lol


I would like for fatshark to release a statement like:
"what the following mods claim to do is fine for us. we don’t garantee their safety but they aren’t cheat.

in the following days we will release a list of mods we see as cheat. people using them with receive two warning the next times they connect to the game then suffer sanctions."

While I would prefer it to be the case for now this is intentional weird design ^^’

it is not:

Also it provides an advantage to the player using it.

For me, it fall under this:


I dont accept that, FS is known to have inconsistencies all over the place. They weaseled out of this by saying ‘its a feature that this ranged enemy with ammo on them is not ranged enemy’

When there is a mod that also FIXES opening salvo on lasguns ADS I will use that one too


While this mod clearly provides an advantage that other don’t have, Fatshark also in the WRONG not considering clearly a Ranged Shooting Enemies as shooters for that particular feat. It makes absolutely no sense at all!
P.S. to be honest quite a lot of design decision they cling to are in the area that defies logic and common sense.


I understand… however they stated this is not a bug… so the mod is not a fix but just a cheat.

If they decide to fix it for all of us, I have no problem with it… but here, there’s a problem as it change the game behavior.
Also, I would hate that they restrict mods cause of such mods that introduce cheats…


Go to meat grinder and take a lasgun and a precision semi auto autogun, both with opening salvo blessing (power on 1shot)
Test it out

  1. hipfire lasgun
  2. ADS lasgun
  3. hipfire autogun
  4. ADS autogun
    In all f-cking 4 scenarios above, the time for opening salvo to reset is different. Precision autoguns are allowed ‘to cheat’ and shoot almost as fast in ADS as you can click and keep the blessing up.
    Menawhile a lasgun has to wait one and half years between the shots to use it

How is this relevant?

after 130 hours I will honestly tell you I didnt know there is a ‘close ranged’ enemy that is supposed to move closer while shooting.
Maybe FS intended them that way, but the bare arms shooter guy is the same as normal shooter guy. They delete your toughness at D5 in nanoseconds and proceed to shoot you more.


That when a mod comes out and normalizes the opening salvo to what it is clearly intended to (like a ranged enemy being considered a ranged f-cking enemy) I will use that mod too, and FS should implement the fix into the game.

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You defend a cheat…

I don’t care of what will happen for players abusing the game, but I use lot of mods. And here I would hate all of these players if we get a restriction cause of your fixes.
Seriously, I don’t want to reroll a perk manually 350 times cause of stupid things like that.


You clearly can see that stalkers act different than shooters in game. Dreg and scab shooters just will run from cover to cover in crazy zigzags while stalkers move towards you and engage in melee.

I know that they switch to shovels when close, instead of bayonet charge. However their gameplay impact in 1:1 same as normal ranged enemy, abuse cover like you cant (aka fully hide behind it) and then shoot from it.
FS deciding this ranged shooter is not ranged shooter is like thrust not working on 2nd heavy attack since constellation of venus and earth is not the same as FS intended it to be when swinging.

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You know that this is not the topic?
There’s a gameplay forum for this.

The topic is about a mod that introduce a cheat.
Definition of the cheat: “act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.”
You gain an advantage by using this mod. Fatshark should ban all players account that used this for 48 hours just to show them that they should not do it again.

Ironically the scab shooters (gas mask lasgunners) have a longer melee activation range than the scab stalkers, I’ve seen them charge across a room to engage in melee. Dreg and Scab stalkers will keep shooting you for an extra burst or two despite you hitting them with melee before switching to melee.


Tbh, I have not the time to see that in game… as I slide to them and kill them fast.
No time to drink tea with them.

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Fatshark is not in the position to tell that. They should fix their own code first, so Stalkers actually behave like FS says they do.