Counter-Fire feat not highlighting ALL scab shooter variants

Issue Description:
Counter-Fire doesn’t highlight a specific variant of scab shooter. Thus you cannot refresh Volley-Fire against this variant of scab shooter nor highlight them as a priority target.
This happens both in mission and within the meat-grinder.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Veteran Sharpshooter
  2. Use Volley-Fire with Counter-Fire equipped
  3. Be unable to highlight or refresh Volley-Fire against this foe


Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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Bumping with a Q if a dev reads.

Is this intentional or a bug?

Got confirmation from devs that this is intended.

Gotcha, if that’s the case will there be chance in the future that the devs will change up the voice lines or animations of this particular enemy to help them stand out more from the other ranged scab enemies?

Since at the moment there isn’t much difference to them at range when they’re in a big squad firing at the player team.

Every time I see a CM/CS reply with “This is working as intended,” I begin the question the sanity of the development team more and more.

What makes this arbitrary enemy different from the other highlighted ranged enemies? What is the reason behind them not being highlighted? Can we be provided with SOME information as to this mind-boggling decision?


What Emma said; why does that particular ranged enemy not count?

It’s a “Scab Stalker,” so I’m guessing the designed intent is to have a “stealthier” enemy that is supposed to annoy you. IDK, this enemy behaves almost exactly like all the other scab shooters. And it’s not like they spawn in small amounts, or they try to flank you or anything.

My guess is it’s a remnant of previous gameplay concept that just never materialized. Which kind of sucks because now we have to deal with this in it’s current state.

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The reply from the community team on the first report of this that I saw back in November was that this enemy is intended as a close range enemy. Apparently they will try to move closer to you while shooting, and they’ll switch to their melee weapon at a further distance than the other shooters will. Supposedly they are also less accurate at medium to long range than the others as well. Can’t say I’ve noticed the difference myself.

Example (not actual stats) shooters will pull out their melee weapon when you get within 3m with your melee weapon drawn, these enemies will pull out their melee weapon and charge you when you get within 6m with your melee weapon drawn. You kinda get the picture.

It would be nice if they actually switched to melee. Maybe I should make a bug report on that

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Hmm. . . If they worked that way it would be one thing, but in practice they just clump up somewhere in the distance and unload on you. Really need to either fix that or include them in the highlighted enemy category.

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