Veteran Counterfire Feat not highlighting some scab shooters


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Counterfire is not highlighting “all shooters”.

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Look at the Scab without gas mask and use Volley Fire.

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i thought it prioritized based on range but its just buggy great <.<

@FatsharkQuickpaw Then the tooltip of Counterfire should be updated from “designates all shooters as priority targets” to “designates all shooters except for the Scabs with guns that shoot but don’t have gas masks and glowing goggles” because as it is now, it’s misleading and a bit nonsensical that one of the shooters is not covered by this feat despite being functionally the same as all the other basic shooters that do get highlighted. If it’s a design decision it should be rethought because it’s both counter-intuitive and not communicated to the player at all.

So I asked the devs for clarification on why this enemy was excluded, the reasoning is that the feat is intended to highlight the longer ranged enemies, such as the scab riflemen. The scab currently excluded is instead more of a short-range fighter.

Thank you for checking.

Because of their equipment, they still shoot you at the same ranges the other shooters do. In a lot of lighting situations, they have no visual difference to the other scabs apart from the lack of glowing goggles (their silhouettes are pretty much the same), their behaviours are pretty much the same as the others where they scatter into cover and then pot-shot you.

They either need to be much more visually different or be much more obvious in their attempt to engage you at close quarters, (either by charging in more without suppression or even having different voices lines (I swear they have the same vox lines the other Scabs do).


I hear ya! Only thing I can tell you, though, is to head over to Gameplay Feedback and make a thread (if there isn’t one already). It’s the best way to get your feedback seen by the appropriate eyes!

Thank you, I’m doing that right now.

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My experience with these particular ‘short ranged’ riflemen scabs are that they hunker down and shoot you from the same distance as the other shooters, rather than charge. Shooters should be marked indeed.

In comparison to the shotgunners who DO enter a closer range.

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If that’s the case why are shotgunners highlighted? They’re short-range too, and lead the packs of these guys.

Because they’re elite enemies, which is one of the groups primarily highlighted by Vets ability.

Yes but their counterpart in the dregg faction highlights him and his gang. there’s no reason the scab should be any different in that regard when using counterfire.