I am being shot at by enemies that are not shooters

It has long been noted and reported that these enemies do not gain a highlight when a veteran sharp shooter activates Volley fire with counterfire.

Counterfire states “Volley fire now designates all shooters as priority targets.”

Yet these are NOT highlighted. That these are not highlighted has repeatedly been repeated judged “Not a bug” by Fatshark.

I accept that the lack of highlight on these enemies is 'no a bug."

Therefore I must report a totally different bug.

-----I am being shot at by enemies who are NOT SHOOTERS!!! -----


Thats not a picture of a scab gunner, dreg gunner or reaper.

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Reapers are a good point. They also are not highlighted by shooter highlights, and yet they do shoot at me, so there is another group of enemies who must not be shooters, but shoot…


@Reginald, @SlenderBarracuda you simply do not understand that Stalkers and Ogryns are not Dakka!
They are Choppa with Dakka. Wait… if there is any dakka there should be a highlight… welp. Back to drawing board.

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I feel like I just read an instructional guide on the difference between a Pistol and a Rifle by the ATF

well you see if you put a stock on a pistol then its a short barreled rifle, which is illegal
but if you build this rifle super short and don’t put a stock on its actually a pistol, which is legal


This does indeed have a lot of similarities to those rules…

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Counter fire is strong enough it doesn’t need more enemies included in its reset condition. I’m more interested in balance and mechanics than semantics so frankly I hope they never cave to this.

Also where does this semantic nitpicking end? Not only are reapers shooting at you, so are snipers, arguably so are flamers. None of them are considered shooters very reasonably. We can probably agree “shooter” isn’t the best picked name, ideally the description is just improved to name the specific enemy types like “additionally highlights scab shooter and dreg stalkers”.

One is for designating ogryn enemies and giving a chunky 75% damage boost against them and monstrosities and is the correct not trap pick.

My heart does bleed for the people who would like to shoot scabs, but regular volley fire is pretty gratuitous for that already (but then again you need to be mindful of when you F and not stay in baby mode until scab stalkers camo out of your pee pee vision and don’t refresh it).

Anyway they do have different AI, but since shooters usually die before they can recover from suppression it isn’t noticed by most players. Scab stalkers never retreat and never use cover. That’s the Fat Shark logic I guess.

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Because having a thing do what it is suppose to do is ‘caving.’ lol.

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Because having accurate skill and perk descriptors is caving. Because having clear visual information including silhouettes and animations to differentiate between what are supposedly internally different enemies is caving.

Calling it semantics where the game doesn’t even define shooters properly itself with inconsistent naming conventions and unreliable and frankly at times broken AI behavior is a weird way to blame the player for the dev’s mistake or bad design.


I mean I said the wording of the description should be changed? I didn’t say they shouldn’t improve the skill description, I said it’s fine it doesn’t highlight those enemies.

But it’s clearly not what it’s supposed to do. The Devs have clarified on these threads that it is not meant to highlight those enemies.

Absolutely true.

So we need to fix the bug of those enemies shooting at us.


I really don’t get why Fatshark is being so stubborn about this. Just move the enemy class over to ‘shooter’, it fixes the ambiguity nicely.

Probably they don’t want to boost vet even more, however there is an easy fix - vet ultimate should go on cooldown not right after you press a button like it currently works, but after Volley Fire effect ends

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they could also make vet not get bonuses against these guys but still highlight them, maybe with another color. Then you could at least see where all the guys who will shoot at you are, but only some will be hit harder/refresh duration.

But we could see them, which is the biggest part of vet’s ult.

Or they could take their guns away.

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Or give them laspistol/shredder + melee combo. And decrease max ranged engagement distance.

Main thing is it’s suppose to tell you where all the ranged threats are located. It doesn’t do that, and it feels bad they won’t address it.

If these aren’t shooters… okay, don’t let them shoot. If they are shooters, tell us where they are when we activate the ‘show me where the shooters are’ ability.


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