Counterfire feat should highlight all enemies capable of shooting

The Sharpshooter Veteran lvl 30 feat - Counterfire:
+25% Weak Spot Damage during Volley Fire.
Volley Fire now Designates all Shooters as Priority Targets.
Killing a Designated Enemy during Volley Fire refreshes its duration.

This feat currently doesn’t highlight all shooters, as multiple bug reports have brought to attention. Second from the left in the screenshot is an enemy that’s not highlighted, that has a gun and can shoot you.

According to devs this is intended. But even if intended it is not very intuitional if the highlight all shooters feat doesn’t highlight an enemy that can and will shoot at you.

My solution to this would be to make the feat highlight this enemy as well to make it inline with the feat text.


According to datamining, the weak spot buff doesn’t even work. Unless they fixed it in the most recent hotfix.

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Ah, my topic was a duplicate. Tried to check for that but failed. Went to hit a like to linked post.

I agree it should highlight all shooters

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From what I have read, the Scab Shooters that counterfire does not highlight are apparently close range shooters. They are supposed to engage you in closer ranges than dreg shooters and other scab variants. However, they act exactly the same as any other shooter in my experience. Either FatShark needs to re-word counterfire so that players can better understand the feat (since it is apparently an intended effect of the feat that certain Scab Shooters are not highlighted) or, make all shooters highlighted as the text says no matter what kind of shooter they are (besides ogryns of course).