Sharpshooter Counterfire feat inconsistent in highlighting enemies


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Issue Description:

When using the counterfire feat on veteran, it’s incredibly inconsistent on which shooter enemies it wants to highlight or refresh its duration on. It seems like the only scab shooters it considers are the ones with glowing goggles on their masks and not the ones with face plates.

Steps to Reproduce:
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  1. Play any mission as Veteran with Counterfire.
  2. Activate Volley Fire.


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Is this the enemy that’s not getting highlighted?

If so, that seems to be intended.

Yes, that is the unit. And why would that be intended? It’s identical to the other shooters.

+1. They’re Scabs, they have guns. Even if they are seperate enemy type.

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How is that intended? The feats description makes one expect this kind of enemy would be highlighted.

Can we get an explanation why a shooting enemy aka shooter is not highlighted by ability that highlights all the shooters ? it is counterproductive and really stupid to not have them marked for whatever imaginary reason. Clarify feat description or fix the issue and give them outline instead of making playerbase confused.


Um, what? How is that intended? These enemies in the meat grinder are literally sorted by their role. This is a shooter, grouped with other shooters. The feat highlights shooters. Why is this intended?


Does the gun that the enemy is carrying not shoot?

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Feel free to make a thread in Gameplay Feedback (or comment on an existing one if there is one) if you believe this should be changed, as with all feedback.


Id say they should be highlighted, since they can pack a large punch.
When situations get tense and i need to counter the enemy ranged i tend to get quickly dissapointed with an thought of “oh… those are stalkers wel looks like i just wasted my ulti again”

It honestly feels pretty inconsistent from a player perspective, and honestly is bit frustrating at times.
Now i always need to take a moment to confirm if the enemy that is shooting isnt a stalker.

If counter fire would become to strong becouse of this id happly take a slight nerf to counter fire just so i can see/shoot these karking bastards.

Do you guys even play your own game?

With the Heresy hi intensity bug, the balancing, and these baffling decisions, I seriously doubt it.

If they have guns, they should be highlighted. Full stop. If anyone on your dev team or QA testers played the game you would have known ahead of time about the hi intensity bug AND how awful it feels to have only some enemies highlighted.

Please, just hire ONE GUY to play Heresy difficulties and above so you can actually balance and fix the gameplay issues that have been happening since pre-beta in October. You’re obviously not listening to us, or flat out ignoring people who are bug posting.

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They need to be highlighted!!! Its already weird that only scabs are highlighted but that is 100% a scab shooter and needs to be highlighted as current it is completely inconsistent to the feat’s description

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its ok haha theyre short range shooters (that means they shoot u from 20 meters instead of 30)

@FatsharkQuickpaw there is a mod now that fixes this bug that a clearly ranged enemy that acts like a ranged enemy is highlighted too. Pls in the march patch include this fix
Thank you

Maybe you did not notice… it is labelled “NOT A BUG

See the comments of Quickpaw

I just have to say, it is quite infuriating to be one of the few who sticks around in Darktide amidst the several hate-wagons and general negativity surrounding the game, for Fatshark to turn around and try to explain this as ‘intended’. This ‘feature’ is obviously a bug. The trait says it will highlight all shooter enemies, so why not this particular enemy? To claim this isn’t a bug is to lie straight to the playerbases face.

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Before this gets closed:

I heard that Scab Stalkers (the no-gasmark, not highlighted guys) are supposed to be “melee” enemies, charging you.

Only, they don’t…

It’s either a bug or just a fail.

They should either be fixed or just added to the feat…


I’m in agreement.

If they are supposed to tend more towards melee, then it should be fixed. I’d be fine if they fired a few shots then tried to charge you. But they’ll stand at their current distance and hail you with shots until you manage to close the distance. Then they switch to melee.

Otherwise, just add them to the talent as others have suggested.

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