Veteran's "Counterfire" feat does not highlight Scab Stalkers

Issue Description:
The Veteran’s 2nd 30th level feat, “Counterfire,” states that “Volley Fire now designates all shooters as priority targets” but does not highlight the Scab Stalkers (Scab riflemen without the green goggles).

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go into the Meatgrinder or any mission as a 30th level Veteran with the “Counterfire” feat selected.
  2. Find one or more Scab Stalkers and activate Volley Fire.
  3. Observe as they are highlightless.


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
11/30/2022, ~7:40 PM EST

Reproduction Rate:

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console-2022-11-30-22.41.25-b54a43f7-f240-4b24-88a7-e028163a6172.log (564.0 KB)

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darktide_launcher.log (825.8 KB)


May I ask why the Devs marked this “not a bug”? These guys are just as much shooters as dreg shooters and the other scab shooters. Many times, its a coinflip if you get ambushed by 50 of the more armored shooters or these stalker shooters, and they both are happy to just sit way back and smash you with massed las-gun fire. They both fit exactly the same role, just with some hitzone differences, so it would be really nice to actually get to use my level 30 talent on ALL the little shooter guys.


They can mark it as ‘not a bug’ as much as they want.

To players, this is a bug and unwanted game behavior that makes no sense.


Now this is (not) epic

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This is a bug, just apparently one caused by poor design decisions rather than erroneous code.

Whatever tiny behavioural difference there is in the AI for these ones (which is not something I’ve noticed in many hours of play) does not make it worth the huge incongruity of these enemies not being ‘shooters’. They fire a weapon at us from range and are broadly incredibly similar to the other shooters.

Please reconsider. You will definitely keep getting bug reports about this, because it’s silly. See here:


These enemies are pretty tough I think any bad guy with a gun should be marked by counterfire haha doesnt make sense.