Scab shooters without the gas mask not being highlighted by Veteran's Counterfire is "not-a-bug"

the fact that scab stalkers refuse to engage in melee and continue to shoot at you while backing away from you when you try to get closer to them completely invalidates FS’s claim to their design intent.


Just a bump to post that a bug report describing this design has been tagged “Acknowledged” as opposed to “Not-a-bug” so maybe they are looking at it.

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Yes, we are over 6 months into this game and this hasn’t been fixed yet. These “Scab Stalkers” are not just short ranged shooters and everyone is annoyed that they don’t get tagged with volleyfire. Please just fix it already.

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This would literally not be a problem if they edited the description to say “Volley Fire now Designates all Shooters as Priority Targets except Scab Stalkers”
I thought the skill sometimes just straight up didn’t work.

They use burst fire lascarbines but i can’t have one ;_;

Also all those shells on bandoliers make no sense given their equipment.


I know right, the more you think about Scab Stalkers the less sense they make.

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They feel like they got hotswapped last second and were meant for something else. Hope that something is made one day.

As an aside the bayonets on scab shooter’s gun is in the wrong spot.

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they’re following wwii soviet squad strategies, where one guy gets a gun and everybody else carries his ammo




Scabs not Dregs if you read properly.
Dregs have shovels casue they are not military. Scabs Version has a sword, as you can see clearly there is no Bayonet on the weapon

Nope again

So we good man. Since i only pointed out like i said and you wanted to be just in the right and blow off steam for Mechanics nobody understood why.

This thread was made to point out why it seems inconsistent to have a shooter enemy not be highlighted. Your reasons for why they aren’t highlighted are just opinions too, in the same way a lot of us thinking that it’s a design flaw or something done in error are expressing our opinions of it too.

What isn’t an opinion is that the feat description is still misleading as it describes all shooters.


Reading properly, is advice that you should take yourself.

I did not claim that you were talking about dreg stalkers using shovels.
I mentioned the name and behavior of dreg stalkers that use no bayonets, because you made a faulty argument based on the name and behavior of scab stalkers using no bayonets.

If you looked at my post that you responded to, the quote that you took out of context, was followed up with:

I explained to you multiple times already, that „stalker name“ and „melee weapon use“ can not possibly have anything to do with it since dreg stalkers have the same stalker name and melee weapon use as scab stalkers, but are highlighted.

But after you have ignored all reason multiple times, and have pulled false reasons out of your behind multiple times, then completely misrepresented what i said (again)…
No point in trying to reason with you at all.

You are not playing by the same rules as i am.
You are not even playing the same game as i am.
You just ignore everything and claim to be victorious.


Bumping because this has been driving me absolutely insane. They patrol with their guns out, if you aggro at range they’ll scatter to cover and shoot you instead of rushing to engage in melee, and they do a ton of ranged damage, just like any other shooter. They need to be highlighted. If not, make them more distinct or give them smaller guns that do less damage, like a laspistol.


Just popping in a few weeks before the big class overhaul to chime in that yes Scab Stalkers not being counted as “shooters” continues to be utterly preposterous. They shoot. They shoot a lot. They shoot much more than they melee, very consistently. Not counting as shooters means activating Counterfire is almost useless against them. Against a large force of Dreg shooters, Counterfire will helpfully highlight everybody who is shooting at you. Against a large force of Scab shooters, Counterfire will highlight maybe a third of everybody who is shooting at you, sometimes, if you’re lucky. A good sharpshooter can clean up all the Dreg shooters in an encounter even with melee guys running around with one good Counterfire, but against Scabs Counterfire is less than half as useful, and it feels so arbitrary and frustrating.

PLEASE Fatshark, PLEASE I’m begging you, the players have been begging you for centuries PLEASE change this. It makes no sense and it feels like it must be wrong somehow.

Personally, I quite like the idea of having an enemy variant who shoots a little but always tries to engage in melee. It reminds me of Dawn of War melee units like cultists or slugga boyz, or assault marines in Space Marine. Stalkers should have a laspistol in one hand and their big machete in the other, and they should always ignore cover and run right at you, shooting as they go up until they reach melee range. That is a very Warhammer 40k thing to do. If Stalkers did that, then not being highlighted by Counterfire would be fine. But they do not do that. They shoot at you. And that’s all they do.


This thread is a blast from the past…

Yes, scab shooters still not counting as shooters is some next level pedantism on the part of the devs. It adds nothing to the game.


When trying to dig a dying game out of a coffin, it is important to work with the community. After checking up on the game and seeing that this feedback is not lost but completely ignored does not give much hope.

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Going by how they treat the crafting feedback, i would assume that this is FS’s stance on this issue:
“The silent and reasonable majority certainly loves the way it currently is. Everything is completely fine. Therefore, we can ignore the actual feedback. We will also not look at the player numbers.”

The silent and reasonable majority took a one-year break from playing the game and is now contemplating if they should give Darktide a second go or not :stuck_out_tongue:

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Talent overhaul was released today. Did not change Counter-fire.

In fact it’s MUCH worse now because Volley Fire’s cooldown doesn’t start until after it ends, so keeping a Counter-fire string going through refresh kills is even more important to get your money’s worth out of it, and since it doesn’t refresh on Scab Stalkers because they still aren’t highlighted you may as well not even bother taking Counter-fire at all.

Considering the Veteran doesn’t have a keystone talent like the other three, and no matter how I build him his toughness has dropped by like 75 since yesterday, I think I’m probably just not even going to bother playing Veteran anymore.

Hooray! Now Ogryn is the sharpshooter!
Yes, let’s all talk to Ogryn!

I look forward to the new influx of console players coming in to ask why the guys that shoot at you with guns don’t count as ranged enemies.

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