Scab shooters without the gas mask not being highlighted by Veteran's Counterfire is "not-a-bug"

They feel like they got hotswapped last second and were meant for something else. Hope that something is made one day.

As an aside the bayonets on scab shooter’s gun is in the wrong spot.

they’re following wwii soviet squad strategies, where one guy gets a gun and everybody else carries his ammo




Scabs not Dregs if you read properly.
Dregs have shovels casue they are not military. Scabs Version has a sword, as you can see clearly there is no Bayonet on the weapon

Nope again

So we good man. Since i only pointed out like i said and you wanted to be just in the right and blow off steam for Mechanics nobody understood why.

This thread was made to point out why it seems inconsistent to have a shooter enemy not be highlighted. Your reasons for why they aren’t highlighted are just opinions too, in the same way a lot of us thinking that it’s a design flaw or something done in error are expressing our opinions of it too.

What isn’t an opinion is that the feat description is still misleading as it describes all shooters.

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Reading properly, is advice that you should take yourself.

I did not claim that you were talking about dreg stalkers using shovels.
I mentioned the name and behavior of dreg stalkers that use no bayonets, because you made a faulty argument based on the name and behavior of scab stalkers using no bayonets.

If you looked at my post that you responded to, the quote that you took out of context, was followed up with:

I explained to you multiple times already, that „stalker name“ and „melee weapon use“ can not possibly have anything to do with it since dreg stalkers have the same stalker name and melee weapon use as scab stalkers, but are highlighted.

But after you have ignored all reason multiple times, and have pulled false reasons out of your behind multiple times, then completely misrepresented what i said (again)…
No point in trying to reason with you at all.

You are not playing by the same rules as i am.
You are not even playing the same game as i am.
You just ignore everything and claim to be victorious.