Let’s talk about mod (part 2) - Report of a mod

It’s not a cheat, its a bugfix that Fatshark were too lazy to work on.


You can disagree with design, but changing gameplay via mods just because of a whim and disagreement is a cheat. Especially when devs said it’s not a bug.


It is an obvious advantage and changes the behavior of the ability, so it is probably a cheat.


The scab stalker is by definition 100% a shooter. There is no possible argument against it.
FS should stop with the strange reasons they came up with, fix the game to officially accept those guys as shooters and make counterfire work the way it should.


Tbh, I use the feat… so I would like it. However, it would highlight 70% of the enemies and permits to refresh lot of time volley fire. Actually, I can often refresh it 12-15 times… not sure it is pertinent to let me refresh it more.

But until they do that, this is a cheat. And players that used it, used a cheat to gain unfair advantages.


If this is the hill you choose to die on when the game is in an awful state with zero content, RNG crafting locks, mobile game grinding, crashing to desktop constantly, glitching through walls and floors, copy paste weapons, 4 playable classes when their past game had 15 at launch. Then I don’t know what to tell you.


On pure technicality I agree with you, this is clearly a gameplay altering mod. Iam not going to pretend it is not.
What Iam arguing is that Fatshark is wrong since this enemy is acting like a ranged enemy, hence this mod is a bugfix.
Either FS fixes this ranged enemy to act like a hybrid that charges you with melee and only uses the gun to get close OR makes them highlighted by vets ulti.


55% in recent reviews… and we’re not 30 days after the crafting patch (21 days ago).

And I don’t see the link between a cheat and your complaints about the game…

Because it is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Why don’t you complain about the health bar mod then? What about the perk auto roller? The crosshair editor? You are singling out this single mod as if there aren’t any other game changing mods that exist.

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Simple, larger context.
This isnt a 98% steam game that has all the features they promised.
This is a ongoing dumpster fire that we have stuck with since its beginning and now that the community is slowly fixing stuf FS should have done, people come and argue on the side of the company- that delivered a 25% positive rating game and for 2 months didnt touch it since everyone had holidays. And only RECENLY they started adding things that were supposed to be there at launch.


Interface mods. They change what is displayed, not the behavior of the game.
THIS mod inject in the game a different behavior as it refresh the volley fire.
If it would just highlight the renagade I would have no problem with that. But here it refresh a feat that gives +25% damages.
And here there’s a problem as it is not intented by the devs.

About the auto reroll perk, that precisely why I report this mod. I don’t want to reroll 350 times a perk…


Having a crosshair dot on my Hellbore MK2 when ADSing made it atleast 30% more accurate for headshots.
Having a blessings mod made me use opening salvo to its fullest potential and now overwhelming majority of my shots have that power bonus, instead of less than half.
Having creature spawner allowed me to actually train on how to kill the zerkers in melee and not loose hp needlessly.

These mods for me have more impact than this highlight that ONLY highlights but doesnt reset the volley fire (it resets only in meat grinder)

I actually agree with him, giving players information which mobs and when are going to die, well it affects decision making and things become more simple it’s like an “tolerable cheat because pve game”.

I personally don’t like the healthbar mod because it reduces skill level and promotes lazyness:
1/You don’t have to scan for targets: you can see the healthbars
2/You don’t need to remember breakpoints or anything as such
3/Potentially clutters the screen
4/Can promote unhealthy interactions between the players

Now, should players have it? Sure? I guess? Does it hurt me? nope.


I understand what you say. But it doesn’t modify the behavior of the game but the behavior of the player. And here is the difference.

The called Fix here modify the game behavior.

Guys i really don´t get this discussion… how can you defend this?

I mean… it´s completely irrelevant how the game got released and also if you believe if those units are shooter or not. It got reported and FS said more than once that it´s not a bug. Even if you dislike this choice, it´s like it is imo. So far this mod gives a huge advantage while playing Veteran. This is clearly cheating, nothing else.

Yes, other questionable mods, which have been written down, exists aswell. Being able to see the healthbars is also an advantage gameplay-wise.

No matter how, FS needs to look into it asap and should restrict such mods.

Tbh there is no real difference. Cheating is actually gaining advantage over game-systems and other players. The healthbar-mod is one of them. It gives you a visual advantage. And i mean… the whole modding is nothing but hacking the game-code.
Something like the meatgrinder might be fine, it really hurts noone. But healthmods, better ultimates, getting perks you want? It clearly is.

EDIT: Also i don´t want to know how many mods cause trouble already… Dunno if the servers have issues lately, but i had 3 complete lobby-crashes the last days.

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The funny thing, is that a LOT of mods are Quality of Life (QoL) Fatshark apparently didn’t have a few days to implement judging by how quick they popped up :joy:


The difference is that the health bar mod don’t allow you to do 25% more damages when you should not.
I tested it, and tbh, if people wants to play with health bar that pop everywhere and get a non immersive game… well I have no problem with that.
I removed it cause, in my opinion, this is just annoying.
I really don’t think it provides you an advantage. When I play, I focus on an enemy, and that’s always elites / specialists. And I would do the same if I would use the health bar mode.

Here the so called fix change the game behavior. To make an analogy, it is like I would say that I fixed the revolver and now it reloads 100% faster and has the double of ammos…

Reroll mod also goes against fatshark policy of clicking it over and over again.
Crosshair mod also goes against fatshak policy of having sh-t tier ADS on some of guns
Creature spawner goes against FS policy since it allows you to spawn things that are not in the grinder, and it allows for outside the game training

Yes this mod by the ‘standard’ (a word after DT i have hard time using around FS) is a ‘cheat’
However realisticaly it is a bugfix simple as

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More of the opposite actually.
It allows you to scan for enemies that already have lower hp, so you can focus them down and reduce the number of threats.

You have to scan, because until the target takes damage, the hp bar does not appear.

Yes you do. Especially when it comes to „where do i need to hit the target“, which heavily applies to ranged breakpoints.
Melee breakpoints are less relevant, because usually, multiple players will hit the enemy when it is in melee range, so your „remembered breakpoints“ are likely to be almost irrelevant anyway.


It theoretically can, but realistically, it more likely will promote positive interactions between players.

Literally every single thing „can promote unhealthy interactions between the players“, so we just throw this argument into the garbage, to all the similar arguments that were made against having a scoreboard.


Ofc it´s not a gamebreaking one at all and not everyone will feel confident with dozens of bars above the enemies heads. But it´s still an advantage for reasons like @Keln said.
Even in trouble you don´t have to remember which of the 4 Ogryns in your face got already hitted 3 times. You just see it and can get down one by one way faster, which mean less trouble.