No HUD while dead/spectating

It’s super annoying to be dead and spectating, yet have no idea how your teammates are doing on health and ammo. You get the HUD while down or incapacitated, yet not when dead. There’s no benefit to this and it only makes the experience worse.


Agreed, 100%. The worst part is, it would actually take LESS effort to let us see our teammate’s Health.

There’s a mod for that, my dear necromancer!

If you could please link it then? Because unless it’s buried within another mod, I’m not seeing a “keep the UI while dead” mod anywhere on Nexus.

Not sure if I can link mods on the forums, but it is on Nexus.

Could you at least gimme the name of the mod and author?

EDIT: Found it, Spectator HUD by deluxghost for those who read this and are interested.