Zealot ''Until Death'' passive visualization

so I feel that until death is pretty much the bread and butter of this class, it would then also be very useful to be able to see when when’‘Until Death’’ is available.
so have like a passive proc on the bottom of the screen when its on cooldown.


I agree, it needs a visible timer!

It does, it’s just the only good level 20 talent breaks it and makes the Icon disappear. The other two work fine.

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Yeah, it sucks that you can’t plan for your holy revenant (aside from the first time) because you simply don’t know if you will die or not.

Speaking of visualization, though, it would be helpful if there was a significant effect that shows “YOU ARE IN UNTIL DEATH STATE”. Currently, I believe it is a small icon and those flashing blue things on the side. The issue is that, in the middle of the fray, both of those are extremely easy to overlook.

The best solution, imo, would be a simple voiceover, stating “I…WILL…NOT…DIE!!!” or something. Would be really cool, would notify the teammates that you now want to put out as much damage as possible in the next 5 seconds. Should be more or less quite easy to implement, too (hopefully), as it has a simple trigger. If until death triggers then play voiceover. I am sure coding works exactly like that!

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