Add indicator for Holy Revenant

I would like to see some sort of effect added during Holy Revenant as an indicator to the team that a zealot is in a position to heal off the enemies around them. When Until Death procs, teammates will very reasonably try to save their zealot by killing everything around them, which counterintuitively is the worst thing they could do.

It makes sense this is generally the response. The zealots health bar is empty, audio cues are going off that they’re hurt and need help, and for any other class, or a zealot that isn’t using the Holy Revenant talent, its absolutely the correct move. Carve them a path to safety.

Super situationally aware players will notice that a zealot isn’t trying to get to safety while Until Death is active, and will purposely not kill anything close to them. But its unreasonable to expect that IMOP, especially during a hectic fight, not knowing what talents the zealot has.

A visual indicator, maybe the same green aura from health crates, radiating around a zealot that has Holy Revenant active would be a great signal to the team to redirect their fire away until the zealot can heal. Or a more immersive solution could be a different set of callouts from wounded zealots that are using Holy Revenant. Instead of “God emperor save me”, you could have “I am reborn in the blood of the wicked” or “The blood of the heretic feeds the righteous”. The usual preacher stuff. Could be a fun/thematic quality of life change.


I think doing this with sound cues is a great idea. The voice actors put in some great work on this game; I think it’d be worth calling them back to the studio for it.
Using visual cues is less thematic, since they likely exist for only the players, not the characters, but would probably be clearer. I’d almost suggest the feat icon hovering, translucent, over their head, but that’s probably a bridge too far in terms of immersion.

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