UI Tweaks

Last patch reset the settings again ;/
Do I have to spend hours tinkering with it every patch!?


AFAIK, the mod doesn’t work atm but as soon as it gets updated, your settings hould persist.


Then I can only feed my entitlement thinking that the guy who did this mod should get to it stat cause I ain’t touching v2 without a proper GUI.

Damn, is it the end for this mod? Someone get the creator!

Probably he is busy, the mod comments have been spammed so much that prop joe definitely has seen that it needs updating

I miss this mod so much I still haven’t booted the game despite being super excited for the event

The same.
I had booted it, GUI just looked wrong and I left.
As a matter of fact the mod has been updated today but got unsanctioned.
So we (two:D) gotta make some noise cause it is an indivisible part of V2 for me.

Well, the mod itself got sanctioned again! You’d think good news, but one of the required mods
Penlight Lua Libraries became [UNSANCTIONED]. Daym…

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Hey there!

I believe we are looking into reviewing the PLL mod since it’s been updated.

Thanks for your patience!


Yes, it got updated and sanctioned like yesterday.
Thanks a lot!
Now I get to be grumpy cause I have to get my GUI in the shape I like as the preset got defaulted again ;/

Update: How come the mod still does not work in official realm? It loads up alright in modded realm (and the preset hasn’t been reset to default :D), but official real just won’t load it up.
I’ve tried checking the game files, resubbing to the mod, but it didn’t seem to have a desired impact…

Seems that the mod lost its sanctioned status again D:

I miss this mod so much I still haven’t booted the game despite being super excited for the event.

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The same. Lots of people’ve missed the event, me included.

The update to the situation:

Hope Prop Joe can find time in his busy schedule to update the mod:D

pple start to loose morale

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Damn, is there maybe some workaround?
Can you enable the mod somehow and just deal with the possible crashes or smth?
It’s been a month…

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Here we gooo!!!


Yes just saw it had been updated and approved :smiley:



Can anyone confirm UI Tweaks is not working again with the Warrior Priest update?

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Oh come ON!

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Would make sense since the game was updated but meh, starting to get used to playing without it D;