One Thing Which is Definitely Not OK

With the Engi patch some mods got broken, that’s understandable.
My UI mod kept spamming chat with messages.
It worked though.
However, Today I couldn’t start the game as it’s listed [broken] now.
Err… Can’t I just please use it at my own disgression - the game just does not click for me with the buffs location in weird (default) places!
If it crashes (it most assuredly doesn’t for me) I’m willing to take the risk.
I simply can’t slay rats withut it D:

You can play the game still with UI Tweaks active,you just have to deal with big ass console logs(mine went up as high as 12.2gb)

Um… my game wouldn’t start unless I turn off the [broken] mods

That’s odd,how do you explain me being able to play with UI Tweaks active then?

Maybe we’re talking about different mods?
Are you sure your mods has [broken] in its name?

I have seen multiple players still using the mod

Yes,[BROKEN] UI Tweaks

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I’m playing with it enabled too ; even though I “disabled” the logs to be able to read chat - and even though they are disabled they still pile up in the logs folder.

I’ll have to check it out!
How do you disable/enable logs?

Through Vermintide Mod Framework,Custom logging

As you can see - I can’t start the game for some reason if this mod is active…

Actually you were right - I’ve enabled “disable unsanctioned mods” in the settings, then I was able to launch the game, then everything works.
Hope it’d help anyone.

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