UI Tweaks mod is unsanctioned after patch 4.4 (Not sure if bug)

Dont know if its a bug or the author is patching the mod on Steam, but the UI Tweaks mod that many people use appears to be tagged “Unsanctioned” which is weird because it was a sanctioned mod before this patch. I will still post here, maybe others know more about the whereabouts of the mod than i do.


Intentionally unsanctioned due to a crash it caused!

Hey. I’m visually impaired and rely on this mod to adjust the reticule size and colour. Any chance of this being resolved soon as I can’t play without it.

That would have to come from the creator of the mod.
Who knows if/when they will.

The Crosshair Customization mod is sanctioned and might be just right for you:

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I was playing with this on official realm yesterday without problems

I didn’t crash

Are you currently unable to subscribe to the mod?

I’ve been playing with UI Tweaks since Patch 4.4’s release without any crashes. Enable the ‘Auto-disable Unsanctioned Mods in Official Realm’ setting in the game launcher. That will make the mod work in the official realm even if it is unsanctioned. (This workaround will work for any previously sanctioned mods that have been made unsanctioned, like Scoreboard Tweaks.)

Wait what? Enable the auto disable unsactioned mods, would actually disable UI Tweaks since it is no longer sanctioned?

You’d think so, but it doesn’t always work that way in practice

:weary: I hope this mod gets updated for SoT. Too good to be without.

Well either way they should just sanction the mod. The creator(s) are still updating the mod so I think it is BS to unsaction it just because it broke thanks to their new update.

Basically every update they make they need hotfixes, so it makes sense that the mods also need some fixing. Or at least start putting the mods into the main game so they can hotfix it themselves everytime they break it with an update.

Many of the approved mods are just way too good to go without and to actually not be in the game itself. Though lately I am becoming a bit toxic (not in game), since I have started to detest Fatsharks development. The game is pretty good, but I might have been happier if it had been in the hands of a “better” studio.

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It is relentlessly spamming console log files with errors like it was a little while ago

One of mine alone was 12 gigabytes - was this why it got temporarily unsanctioned? Calavera didn’t specify in his response on the mod page

Fatshark should really either incorporate this mod’s functionality in to the game wholesale, or improve their support for active modders to ensure major game updates don’t constantly break popular mods like this

edit: Also like before, disabling Vermintide Mod Framework error logging has no impact on it

It will continue to spam an error even with it disabled


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