Why is Scoreboard Tweaks unsanctionned?

Not an essential mod per se, but still…

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The developer has commented the reason on the mod page

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Aye, thanks for the info.
It didn’t show up in the patch notes, that’s why I asked.

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At the time of writing, the issue has been patched:

However, the Scoreboard Tweaks mod is still currently marked as unsanctioned in the Steam Workshop and the game launcher.


There is a workaround to this to have the mod working in Official Realm despite its unsanctioned status that works for myself.

When you start the game up make sure to have the Scoreboard Tweaks mod Checkmarked AND the “Auto-disable Unsanctioned Mods in the Official Realm” and ‘Accept’. The warning about having an unsanctioned mod will go away and you can launch the game. Though the Scoreboard Tweaks mod is not disabled upon starting the game.

Tested it multiple times and works for me seeing friendly fire status in quick play games or when playing with bots.


It doesn’t cause crashes anymore I believe, though it still mess up the result page in CW. If the host uses the mod, some clients’ score only shows the numbers from the latest stage, not the whole expedition. I’m guessing this is the reason the mod is not being sactioned again, yet.

It is not listed as sanctioned in the launcher, but it works in offical realm nevertheless

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