Why was the Crosshair Kill Confirmation mod unsanctioned?

Why was the Crosshair Kill Confirmation mod unsanctioned? It was probably one of the most helpful mods mid combat. Honestly confused here.

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Comments here

We are temporarily desanctioning this mod as a precaution since it is known to be having an issue in the current patch (4.4.2) that can create massive log files. Sanctioned status will be swiftly restored when the issues are resolved. Thanks for your understanding!

Similar thing happened to UI Tweaks

Does Fatshark try to reach out to sanctioned mod developers prior to updates in an effort to make sure the mods don’t constantly break? Otherwise who knows how long we’ll have to wait for the mod dev to get around to it


Ah ok I see. UI Tweaks is a hard blow to be missing as well. Hopefully it isn’t too long.


TBH some updates I genuinely question whether the update is worth losing crucial mods over… Wish they’d collaborate with mod creators better. At this stage in the game’s life we’ll be lucky if all the modders even bother coming back to update.

Looks like this got resanctioned, now to hope UI Tweaks follows swiftly

Thank you to all the hardworking mod devs out there

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