Launcher and auto-disabled mods

Either I’m blind or the list of mods that are being automatically disabled by the launcher on official realm is not visible in the new version of the launcher.
I’m also pretty sure I could deactivate the dynamic bits of the launcher and only have a simple background with a logo, but I can’t find it anymore - I was wondering if the list appeared in that version.

MB, got it. That being found, now, what is that beta launcher that “fixes unsanctioned mods problems” ?
It seems like it’s not auto-disabling anything. Is this a way for @semn007 to play with UI Tweaks ?

Well, sadly the game is still unplayable in official.
I’ve tried running in modded realm and had no issues. Haven’t played any maps from start to finish though.
I’m just sad that I had bought prestige salty before I found out that you couldn’t play the game with UI Tweaks.

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