[Mod launcher] Load order of unsanctioned mods gets re-ordered when switching from modded to official realm

Issue Summary:
When switching to Official realm from Modded and disabling all unsanctioned mods (whether manually or by using the auto-disable checkbox) and launching the game, the load order of all unsanctioned mods is different next time I check the launcher.

This is rather bothersome when it comes to re-enabling the mods, considering some need to be loaded before others. And I like to keep a bit of a system to it.

I’ve tried messing with enabling/disabling sanctioned mods and launching, but this odd behavior seems to only apply to unsanctioned mods from what I can tell.

On a side note (might or might not be related) I get this error in chat when launching the game in Official:
“[ModManager][error] Trying to load mod with steam id 1234567890, not in downloaded list.”

It posts 22 times, one for each unsanctioned mod I’m subscribed to. Those mods are all disabled in the launcher, so it’s odd that I get an error about trying to load them.
It should also be noted that I only get this error on the Official realm, never on the Modded realm.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play on modded realm. Have some unsanctioned mods installed and enabled. Make note of the mod load order.
  2. Disable those unsanctioned mods, or use the “Auto-disable unsanctioned mods on Official realm” option.
  3. Launch the game on Official realm.
  4. Exit out and check the mod order in the launcher.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

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