Sanctioned mod suddenly stopped working even though it hasn't been updated or desanctioned

The sanctioned mod, UI Improvements has suddenly stopped working as of of 2018-11-30 (see comments in mod page), even though it hasn’t been updated (last update 2018-10-30) or desanctioned (still says ‘Approved’ in Steam Workshop and sanctioned in the game launcher).

The ff. shows up in chat “System: [ModManager][error] Trying to load mod with steam id 1391228174, not in downloaded list.” I believe this is also the same error message that shows up if you run the game with a mod you have subscribed to but have disabled.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Subscribe to UI Improvements
  2. Enable the mod in the game launcher and launch the game in the official realm.
  3. Notice that it doesn’t work and that the error message described above is printed to chat.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Session Console Log:
console-2018-12-01-08.21.22-8378D5FF-3595-4C04-9EF9-A2DC Into the Nest insta-death ledge drop bug.log (2.2 MB)


Yea, was wondering what happened.

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