Mods sanctionnning and disabling

Some QoL mods are apparently unsanctionned, like BossKillTimer, UI Improvements, Reroll Improvements, UI Tweaks and such.

The thing I don’t understand is that they work fine for some of my mates, but they get disabled by the launcher for me. If I untick the auto-disable I just can’t play official realm. What’s going on here, and can we get those sanctionned again sometime soon please ?

i think modders stopped supporting them (or atleast failed to update them in time), and therefore these mods are incompatible with newest versions of the game

UI Tweaks had an update but was not resanctioned because the developer updated it using an outdated certificate that messed with EAC

Please just roll these mods in to official, Fatshark. I know it’s a lot of work, but come on- how long has it been since any of these now-unsanctioned mods saw updates? UI Tweaks last update was in July, and this most recent update the dev straight up had to remove some functionatlity to even get it to work (removing “fast chest opening” and “DPS tracking” options)

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