I'm confused

so what im understanding is that ANY mod used from the steam workshop currently WILL NOT grant you rewards even if its a mod that fixes certain aspects of the game.

BTW im not hating i just want clarification so i don’t download like for example the “skip intro” mod and be permanently blacklisted from getting rewards until i uninstall the mod.


There’s going to be mods that are whitelisted for the normal realm is my understanding, IDK if that’s implemented yet though.

Currently, yes, that’s the case.

They said they’ll be looking at which mods to whitelist this summer. Until then, all mods will stop you from going to the official realm.

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no not yet from what they said in the rules but what they don’t specify on is stuff like skipping the intro cutscene. like is EVERY mod going to blacklist rewards or is it only mods that change UI and stuff they really need to be specific on this because this can mean breaking the game just from downloading a skip cutscene mod


it won’t break anything, you can just disable the mod and go back to normal. Why not download it and play a quick game to see?

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i’m on lunch im not home

that’s kinda a shame, idk why fatshark does not just let the community mod the game to their heart’s content. yes there will be cheaters but its a PVE only game anyway and the modding community are really good at making mods that specifically block cheaters from your server without using easyanticheat malware.

Probably because some mods can mess with other people’s games directly, like make them crash, and they don’t want to have to depend on players using mods themselves to counter it.

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They are letting them mod to their hearts content, in the modded realm. Lol.

Cheaters are an obvious reason why, trolls / hacker types too, but there’s also this: mods that give you new weapons, mods that give you all the weapons, mods that give you a golden gun that shoots exploding chaos spawns and let you just nuke entire maps, etc. Loot and achievements would cease to mean anything, and public games would just be ridiculous half the time.

As they said in the patch notes mod realm will be the wild wild west, but you can go back and forth at will.

Yeah, mod support is 100% superfluous. What to take away from this patch is nothing meaningful has actually been done. This morning when the spike of players came on to see the patch, at about 8600, only 2 people in the world even bothered to log into the mod realm. And I doubt they were actual players.

Sanctioned mods are only going to include UI adjustments that make you wonder why they even went to this effort to corral the creative people in a vapid, split realm if they could have just made the changes themselves. The only other reason to use the mod server is if you’re someone like me who makes informative videos on the state of the game (and we’re nowhere near that being reasonable) or, even more unlikely “want to test their build.”

If you want to test your build, do it in the official server anyway. You can’t give yourself items in the mod server because all progression and inventory is shut down lmao. You can’t even make use of the thing until you’ve put 100s of hours into the game. The only way to salvage this is to give everyone the ability to have whatever they want in the mod realm, but that won’t happen because it will just carry back over to official.

Wrong. Nobody’s going to play with god moders, period. In V1, this is exactly the problem that Host Kick prevented. Mod realm or not, nobody will play with people doing that. People want progression, and people want to make their own fun. Gear doesn’t make you good, but it does away with the insulting false progression that Vermintide 2 is based on. Protecting the sanctity of your inventory system is an insipid reason.

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In the normal game without mods you can already skip the opening cut scenes tho… Well, you won’t see where you’re walking, but you can run on ahead as soon as the game starts. I just like sitting at the start and bouncing my head up and down. Makes me laugh every time as the camera comes in.

You’re proving my point here dawg which is that no one wants to play with people like that, period, and having to kick/otherwise deal with them regularly is a huge pain in the a**. Trying to figure out who’s using mods to be OP and who’s using mods to mess with other people and on and on is something no one wants to have to deal with, even if there is a host kick button.

Because then the community can have it exactly the way they want it without the devs having to sink countless hours into trying to please everyone and failing. We’ll eventually see lots of different variations on UI / QOL mods so that everyone can find one that works for them. This is an ideal solution.

IDK if you just don’t like mods or what, but this is ridiculous. Mods add a whole nother chapter of gameplay after the official stuff is done. After you max out all your characters and get all the achievements, mods are a breath of fresh life!

-Mods with new maps
-Mods with new game modes
-Mods with completely new weapons
-Mods with complete reworks so you can play as new heroes, face new enemy types

Just a few examples off the top of my head. Mod support is HUGE. If you don’t like it, don’t play it, maybe don’t try to rain on everyone else’s parade?

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You are overestimating this, mod support for Vermintide isn’t like modding for Bethesda games. Vermintide is an MMO, and its design philosophy is based around that fundamental concept.

  1. Mods with new maps - There is no level editor and likely won’t be. Robin merely thought the idea was neat but if tools like that would exist someday it’s going to be well past the point that anyone’s going to be interested. More than that, Fatshark would have to make their stance clear on whether or not it conflicts with their DLC packs.
    Discussion with Aussiemon and Unshame in the mod discord brought light on another set of important, related tools not likely to be available either. If they are, very far future, and sanctioning is delayed as is.

  2. Mods with new game modes - See the progression issue. Unless you already have literally everything in the game then the average player cannot care about this in any meaningful way. You have to look at the game itself more than the mods here, too, and ask yourself “Is base game fun to play right now? y/n?” then ask the subsequent questions. But really, no progression is a deal breaker. This is not for the average user in the current state.

  3. Mods with new weapons - Won’t happen. You have to take into account the woeful design of Hero Power & Weapon Balance, adding an entirely new weapon to the game with all its modeling, textures, sounds, having it line up with the PlayFab Backend… And hope that Games Workshop doesn’t ban it outright because this game is under the same effect that Total Warhammer is: You can only use existing assets.

  4. Mods with complete reworks - Heroes will not happen. Playing as something else, swapping models to rats, eh, good for someone making a one-off clickbait video on YouTube. But anything serious will most likely be shot down by a legal issue

I don’t know what ideas crossed your mind when this was announced, but if you were hopeful your expectations were going to be outdone, then that is simply not the case. I was in your shoes once, those were the questions I asked months ago - Level editing? Making new stuff? - and then with the same abruptness that EAC was added, the realm split was made known, then the neutering of progression.

Mutator mods and difficulty modes are only going to be for the twitch charlatans. The mythical treasure of level editing has a whole host of issues that need to be expounded on. Adding anything into the game, like new heroes or weapons, will more than likely incur GW’s legal wrath. When you consider mod support from all angles, it makes no sense that all this effort was put in for something 90% of people won’t and/or can’t use for a variety of reasons.

If theirs aren’t crocodile tears about inventories and progression, then they can salvage it. Simply rename the realms to Official/Unofficial, or Official/Open, like in Diablo 2. People who like to earn and progress the intended way have their side, and others who can make their own fun and enjoy all the game has to offer will have theirs without restriction and it won’t cross-pollinate.

But we are in agreement. Nobody will play with god moders. And you know, we solved that issue in V1, too. Lupo made Host Kick and an anti-cheat, and only the host could do things like spawn stuff. The games were protected. I see absolutely no reason why that same protection and self-policing would fail to apply to V2.

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i agree and disagree with both you and lunethex.
you point out that mods are a breath of fresh air after end game and that is 100% true but you view mods like the wild west and uncontrollable and that’s just not true especially with this game in particular. you can’t just give yourself rewards in this game as thats added server side so the most they can mod cheat wise is infinite health, special, ammo. their is only so much you can mod to give yourself the upper hand in this game AND fatshark despite that added easyanticheat that is extremely harmful to performance, and worst off IT DOES NOT EVEN WORK XD you actually can cheat with just a code changer and still get rewards.

then lunethex is right about no one wanting to play with infinite health god mode players and games do just fine with full mod support because it’s so easy for a developer to block out mod support for specific mods, THE ONLY REASON why fatshark do not do this right now is because of EASYANTICHEAT… this is why no one wants this malware crap because it literally is the worst way to stop cheating as all it does is comb through all your data and detect abnormal changes in code and their are many ways to get around this.
but lunethux seems to undermine what adding mod support to this game means to people who already beat this game 100% and just want to have fun.

overall you are both right and wrong and basically in the end you both without you knowing it hate easyanticheat as that’s basically where both of your problems stem from. you would have your stable mods now without easyanticheat and a better code detector and lunethex would be able to play the game with UI mods and still get rewards and the fanbase can fix the bugs without hindering players.

Oh believe me I know I hate it!

Good points and well said about the mods. I don’t really know anything about modding Vermintide 2, with all the buzz that’s been out about it I had pretty high expectations. Especially after Left4Dead mod experience, the stuff out there for that game is just crazy awesome.

Aaand i really hoped for normal mod support. That’s just sad.

Guys, every mode, no matter how “innocent” it may look might have a secret code that only its creator is aware of, and that code might be some game breaking/cheating thing. Just imagine some troll player starts spawning ogre rats in the middle of your legend run, that wouldn’t be fun at all. That’s the reason why every mod needs to be checked and approved from FS before becoming sanctioned/whitelisted.
That being said, I’ve tested the Creature Spawner mod last night. I’ve spawned bunch of enemies in the keep and tested my builds on them. Now that is fuc*king great if you ask me. I can now properly test everything on real enemies, not dummies, and I can actually see the damage that I’m dealing. I’m more than happy for this mode alone.
Oh, and @lunethex, I love your videos man :smiley:

I think it’s completely idiotic to have progression disabled in the mod realm. Why have the realms seperated at all, if you can’t do proper progression seperation?

I absolutely understand not having modded progression carry to official realm, but to have NO progression in the modded realm?

There is literally zero reason anyone would ever want to play with mods now. Unless they had literally unlocked everything in the game, so I guess 3-6 years from now.

Maybe just an itty bitty tiny bit overstated.


wow did you flag my comment taking it down when i didn’t say anything wrong or was that just someone who disagreed with me and false flagged my comment. i thought being productive and civil was what fatshark wanted and i do that but im still false flagged and hidden. okay fatshark thanks.

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