Sanctioned mods question

Hello FS

Will you guys at Fatshark make en official thread at this foum with the Mods that get white-listed/sanctioned?

I know we have to wait for sanctioned Mods for later this summer.

"Later this summer?" Read the bottom last part, " Sanctioned and Unsanctioned mods"

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The workshop itself within steam will show which mods are sanctioned for the Official Realm :slight_smile:


Perfect - thank you:-)

Quick question.

How will mods that can affect the entire group be handled? Such as, say there’s a bot improvement mod that gets sanctioned. You have an improvement mod and you’re playing with a friend and 2 bots. Does the friend need the mod as well to prevent compatibility problems or will the bots run off the host like they do now with the career selections?
How will it be handled on dedicated servers?

They’ll run off the host in the case of QoL bot mods. Some mods such as waypointing mods would require a player installing the mod to see the waypoint set by another player.

As for dedicated servers - time will tell. Work continues with the server set up. :slight_smile:


what about Third person ??

Hard to say specifically. It offers advantages over vanilla and goes against the core design of Vermintide 2 being a first person melee romp.

I’m only a single person who may or may not be involved in the sanctioning process, however. My word is not gospel on this one

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If that’s so then that saddens me the only other Warhammer fantasy title that is remotely decent as third person is Age Of Reckoning and its just a private server…if this is true then this makes me really upset as the mod realm is a desert NOONE plays it…but its what you guys want not arguing with you fi that’s what you guys want then who am I to judge

look like i’m totaly dumb, but is it no any allowed mods for now?



None are sanctioned yet. FS is still working on the sanctioning process, no word exactly when we will get the first approved ones, but personal guess is that when we do, expect a lot at once.

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I guess that they have to make sure that these mods won’t break the game, and since they probably have a very limited amount of people looking into community mods, it could take some time.

Return of Reckoning is still kinda good. Had a lot of fun there and well… it’s free.

43 Days left before they technically fail on delivery of sanctioned mods.

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Been with the games since V1 beta stages (played V1 for around 2k hours so ive seen some stuff) and tbh im worried that some of mods that ppl keep asking to be sanctioned get whitelisted and that will make me drop V2 and go back to L4D or wtv.

You what bruh…? Lots of mods in the list alter the gameplay to a point that the way the game is played change drastically. As an example, the “Enemy damage numbers” that looks innocent at 1st sight but it changes the game (like it did on V1) since everyone tunnels the low hp enemies. You see a stormvermin about to slam a unaware hero from the back but at the same time the SV that that hero is already fighting has only 10% hp left, guess what happens… The Hats one is a grey mod for me since most of the ppl using it were just using it to put a goofy hat on some other char (like the IB helm and beard all over the other chars), might be funny but after a few runs seeing 3 goofy party members with IB beard gets old. FS really should give ppl more customization options but this mods opens alot of doors that shouldnt be avaiable. The 3rd person mod, like the hats seems cool but, like hedge said, it gives advantages and, again, changes the way how ppl approach enemies and stuff. I could go on and on but there’s no point. Hope to be wrong tho…

Dunno… i dont want to be that guy that is trying to take the fun from others but seeing how things are going now (with the top mod contenders around the comunity) i think my daily vermintide runs from 3 years till date are about to change.

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Are you talking about the health bars mod here? The dmg numbers only confirmed kills in Vermintide 1. Only if you counted the numbers you’ve seen from other people you could have stolen a kill. Nobody I know ever selected to see more than their own dmg.

Sure health bars alters game play but not in the sense of kill stealing. Skilled people with this mod will perform better in situations with elites as they will see their hp and can judge better how to handle that situation. Meaning they won’t waste ult on a half dead cw, decide if they go for that elite or for the little guys or only use the appropriate attack (light/charged, body-/headshot) to finish the enemy off.

Health bars was way stronger in Vermintide 1 because the bosses had ho health bar and there weren’t elites like berserkers that needed to be dealt with no matter what hp they have.

Yeah, the enemy hp bars one, and it did show all enemies hp ( as seen here: ). Usualy ppl tunneled the low hp elites and bosses over a (full hp) enemy that is about to hit another hero. Saw it happening a lot and even on premade groups (myself included). Even on your examples it shows how it will change the way ppl play if they are using with the mod.

That said, this isnt the worst contender on my list and i think FS resonable with the selection of the ones ported to the official realm (my yesterday post was made after seeing how ppl on reddit are trying to push some of those into the official realm).

Health Bars and Damage Numbers are different mods by grasmann that’s why I called it out.

Of all mods that have applied for approval I think Health Bars is the most borderline as it gives a slight advantage. But this mod also outlines what people that used QoL mods in Vermintide 1 were used to as modded and therefore sets some expectations towards “mod support”.
The modded realm is not really recognizable as part of the “full game” as it only allows for you to play with premade group and locks you out of the player pool.

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