List Of Mods Approved For Second Wave


Should drop today


This is a pretty nifty list. Some unexpected ones in there.

very excited for the Parry Indicator

Anyone know the ETA on this ?

Hey there are denied mods now:[]=denied

Less annoying friendly fire
k? but no wobble alright. Yes YES?

Outline Priority Fix
kk? I hope you fixed this then (wouldn’t bet on it)

Skip Cutscenes
Like anyone cares. [tab M2 chat esc esc esc]

Oh nice Robin stated why the were denied everything makes sense in the end.

I can’t find it but I think the announcement said today.

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thank you kind sir

And they are live now

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Please, sanction third person view!

Maybe later:

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I feel like they’ve got some silly reasoning there with the timed parry indicator being added into the mix. You could argue that knowing the parry frames, like in Dark Souls, is a skill players should naturally develop. Which in my eyes isn’t too different from counting hits which is basically just what the Damage numbers and Healthbars mods do for you. I feel like the best reason to have damage numbers and healthbars is honestly just because shielded storm vermin are kinda broken, tedious, and confusing especially to new players. It’s a lot better now that they don’t block bullets and arrows now. But it’s still annoying to be hitting one with a friend for 10 seconds straight and wondering if and when this rat is ever going to die.
But it’s really no big deal. The only mod I want them to approve they’ve already sorta stated they won’t. They want to fix their own bots. So I’ll just be waiting until the bots to improve or the playerbase to come back to life.
I am pleased by a few of the mod additions. But QoL mods can only make players so happy in a game with a broken loot system, low playerbase, savant bots, and a dearth of content.

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