Please approve these three mods!

Hi! These three mods don’t change the difficulty of playing in any way, they just make the game more fun with them. Please approve them!

Duct Tape Mod
Colorful Unique Weapons

And as always: Thanks for the great work! .-)


I really like the Inhabitants mod.


Wasn’t number 3 already declined a while ago bc of “cheating” or so? :sweat_smile:

I understand rejecting the second because if I designed an odious character I’d be overly pleased that the personality was so well conveyed that there were mods designed to shut her up, and so would leave her talking.

quote from robin

"Sanction application denied.

Since different colored veteran skins is something that can be granted from the loot system, this mod provides a way to cheat that system. We therefore will not approve it to the guideline of not approving cheats. You are welcome to use it in the Modded Realm though."

its pretty stupid. i wonder if fatshark would allow it if only veteran items could have their glow color changed.


ofc it’s pretty stupid, I mean even back then when they declined it, everyone was just laughing about FS monetizing lazy design choices that can be achieved pretty damn easy, if you look at the mod… I mean at this point they could just implement it as “a feature” for the Bögenhafen-DLC, just delete the Bögenhafen-skins from the shop and inventory bc they would be redundant anyways and let ppl buy 10 versions of a basically same looking IB helmet for the Shillings instead. I don’t think selling another set of different glowing colours would add anything but more negative comments anyways… and i hate this purple-pink glow! :weary:

Agree, though this might be a bad idea for devs because they could potentially try to sell or make more colored weapons as droppable stuff in paid DLC with zero effort.
But as a player I’m hands up for this mod being sanctioned, even though some colors look really bad.

Me too. :smiley:

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Ah, good luck with that… I’ve posted So, anyone in Fatshark approving mods anymore? quite some time ago. No answer from them (they working on Darktide, v2 is no longer a priority)


Thanks! I am just trying. It is no work for them, so they should do it soon or later… Or not. :smiley:
By the way: What about that deeds I wrote you about? :smiley:

ah, they are all gone man. Fatshark couldn’t just delete certain deeds, I had to choose to get rid of them all. I appreciated the offer though !