Colorful Unique Weapons - DENIED

Description: You can change the color of red weapons in this mod. At the moment other players will not see the changes but this will one day not be the case. I may add a toggle for the purple version of any unique weapon that will be visible to other players.

Reason for DENIAL given by Fatshark: “Since different colored veteran skins is something that can be granted from the loot system, this mod provides a way to cheat that system. We therefore will not approve it to the guideline of not approving cheats. You are welcome to use it in the Modded Realm though.”

My point with this thread? Just my personal appallment for this poor reason given. LED lights on weapons are somwhere near the height as far as laziness for skins go, the least that Fatshark might have done to ease that impression was to give players the option to decide the colors, an option that would have been absurdly easy to implement.


Not only laziness but also grindness they want for you
I wish this mod being approved because purple illusion grinding requires 5month grinding (was 1years 7month lol) and i got 700+emp vault, +350 red but still dont have grey wiz cloth and purple illusions for some weapon


I suspect future DLC will have the RGB of the glows changed in the same manner as SoB. We still have the glow for Green (Health Pot), Yellow (str pot) to go before we get anything actually new. It was denied probably to stop people getting the future-DLC glowsticks early for free.


That is really quite pathetic decision making by fatshark.

That they even consider changing a RGB value worthy of DLC content is insulting.


It not DLC material by itself, but they added the last batch of them along with the new maps and challenges for Bög. I would love to see brand new skins and new costumes as well, but we can expect to get different coloured weapons in future DLC’s. I personally don’t mind if the different colour skins come along with other content, or even better yet, add the new glowing colour to weapons that don’t have a glow yet. Like some of Salts raipers and so on.


Yes but it’s sad that they have to justify those purple skins by denying a cosmetic mod that does the same thing with much more customisability.


As I’ve said before, they will deny any mod that does something they are planning on doing themselves. You can look through a few of the denied mods and they clearly state this. If they are going to release new coloured weapons in a future DLC or update, you really can’t expect them to sanction the mod…


The sad part is that this indicates they’d want to actually do that.


I hope one day to be able to offer you something to drink/eat

If Fatshark ever comes this way, here’s a suggestion to make both ends meet: introduce a system that lets players choose the colour of their glowing weapons in exchange for a large amount of collectable resources (Red Dust? 1000 weapon scraps?). I hope I don’t need to elaborate why this would be beneficial both to Fatshark and the players.

If they insist on pushing through with another set of “same skins, different color” cosmetics for the next DLC, I sincerely will not touch it with a ten feet pole.

I very much love playing vermintide, but if they insist on sticking their heads in the sand and ignore the ridiculous amount of negative feedback they recieved about the Bögenhafen skins and still push another wave of recolors, I don’t see how anyone can justify supporting them through that.

Where did all the competent content creators over at Fatshark go? We all know you guys can do better than just recoloring skins, so why aren’t you? How can you let your cosmetic quality fall to a low enough level to become an actual meme? Where’s the self-respect?

And moreover onto the topic of this post; limiting people from changing the color of a skin only you, yourself, can see, is so incredibly petty it’s insulting. Claiming it’s “cheating the cosmetic system” when it’s really just a creative band-aid solution to the lack of skin variety you created (and you really did create it, when you chose to focus on console ports for the better part of a year instead of meaningful content).

It’s especially silly because the player still needs to take part of your RNG cosmetic system (that you take such pride in for some reason) to benefit from this mod, you still need to get your hands on a veteran item with runes (which means no crafting it, because lol you can’t craft shiny weapons you dummy) through sheer luck before you can utilize this mod for said illusion. How is being able to recolor that illusion (for your eyes only) an unfair proposition anywhere along the way?

Man, just typing this out and coming to terms with the fact that the next set of cosmetics in all likelihood actually will be more recolors is straight up depressing.


I think you’re over-analysing the reason for denial. The purple skins are a part of the Bogenhafen DLC, and this mod negates that implementation, hence the denial. It’s not suggesting the next DLC will include another colour, or that in the future more colours will be available (we do hear feedback), it’s simply a denial that the mod grants a part of existing DLC exclusive content, and as such will not be permitted on the Official Realm.


So if he changed the mod so it doesn’t give purple or blue glow, it would be approved?


interesting question

Not necessarily, no. I’m just clarifying the present reason for the denial being that it has the potential to grant one of the things the Bogenhafen DLC offers. Don’t get me wrong, we may look to do things with additional colours in the future, but that wasn’t the reason for the denial. :slight_smile:


So what color comes with the dlc strength potion? healing draft?

Unfortunately there is no full color scheme left in the game files for the skin recolors. Can we expect the one of the two left for each class?

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I think what @smokert69 is really asking is what will it take to get the mod approved?


Give it up as a bad job, it’s not going official.

Whatever FS say in a non committal way, it’s skirting around the fact you’re asking for current DLC colours(which require a purchase to get) to be given for free. Nothing that happens in the future will ever alter the fact, and disabling blue/purple glows STILL means people could get something fairly similar without buying DLC.

Banning huge swathes of RGB combinations is a fairly ludicrous measure to get this mod sanctioned.

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What I find ludicrous is charging 10 dollars for a DLC where you’ve worked to implement a feature that would have justified that price tag instead of just utilising 1 colour.
If bogushafen had lived up to its promise:

  • 2 New maps
  • NEW cosmetics - not just recolours - marketing was heavy in accentuating it was new cosmetics, and I think the community is rightly angry about them just being re-colours for the most part and the stuff that is actually new models do not match.

They could have implemented the RGB elements that the mod gives access to - they chose to use purple, so they can milk it later on or use it as a means of providing “new” content in the future easily.
Which would then have been bordering on giving the DLC its value its price tag would indicate. It would be more justifiable at least.


I conpletely agree Bogenhafen was a damp squib, but therin lies the reason for this mod being denied.

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