Redesign same looking cosmetics

i dont want to see different coloured only design, ever realized what bogenhafen’s mistake was?
its okay to rush out stuff, yet with enough time should patch these in.
maybe after winds of magic - i totally understand this will take some time, consider how lazy dev were -. also let hats coloured depends on clothes. many veteran aqua skin also need to be changed, hagbane and swiftbow share the same model.

Recolors, whilst not very unique in their own right, allows for more cosmetics than what would previously be possible.

A lot of games nowadays have a skin, and then they present a range of different recolors for that skin. You see it in League of Legends, Overwatch, Apex Legends, just to name a few.

It’s completely normal, and reasonable, for Fatshark to follow this trend. It, as said above, allows for Fatshark to push out “more” cosmetics, as they can release the same skin but in different colors, and it allows for the player to get the skin in what color they want, allowing for more personal player customization.

The only negative of this system is that attaining a new skin that isn’t just a recolor of a skin you already own becomes more difficult.

Depending on how you look at it, it could also be a benefit as well, as it would (hopefully) feel more rewarding to finally get that skin you want, rather than just having it handed to you (figuratively speaking).

I definitely feel that it’s a bit harsh to call Fatshark lazy just because they do something like this (when the triple-A studios are doing the same thing). Outweighing the pros and cons, there’s almost no reason why you shouldn’t add something like this to your game. It saves both time and money.


Then why is it that there aren’t many recolors? (in game, there are quite some locked in the files)
There are almost non that I 'd like to use.
The blue, green and red are arguably even really ugly on most careers.

It’s hard not to call lazy here since everyone can open Photoshop select the part of the texture and change color.

But the point is they have really talented artists and these recolors must probably bug their working ego as well.


That I hold not the definitive answer to, I’m afraid.

OP called Fatshark lazy for implementing recolors in the first place, not because of the lack of different ones. I cannot vouch for Fatshark being lazy or not in that regard.

In fact, OP is a perfect example of one of the reasons why there likely aren’t many recolors, because people don’t like getting the same skin in just a different color palette over and over again, so Fatshark probably dialed down on the amount of different colors you could get a skin in.

Also, I doubt their artists’ “working egos” are at risk here. Fatshark, as explained in the recent roundtable on their Youtube channel, have these things called “Hack-Weeks” where they allow employees to work on a project they want to work on. While I can only assume, I do think this “Hack-Week” thing also applies to their artists, which would allow them to work on what they want to work on.

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so you do enjoy crayon’d cosmetics,
what a positive attitude you have there.

and for fatshark not being lazy, ever tried mhw or for honor (and such ofc) ?

I never said I enjoyed recolors. I despise them personally (but the fact that they are free makes it a bit more bearable, unlike games where they actually charge you money for getting something in a different color, cough League of Legends cough).

I’m just saying that, from a business standpoint, there’s little to no reason not to include them. The pros outweigh the cons.

I’m not being positive, I’m being realistic. While we can all crap on Fatshark as much as we want, they have valid reasons for doing what they’re doing (in this regard at least).

I already said in one of your other posts that I’ve never played Monster Hunter: World (you never actually replied to my question in that post), and I don’t play For Honor because you have to go through Uplay, and I’d rather flagellate myself for 3 hours straight than go through Uplay.

Also, I fail to see how playing MHW or For Honor makes Fatshark any more, or less lazy. Are you trying to draw a comparison between the games, or what point are you trying to make here?


then why against this?

what pros and cons? my humble eyes can only see the bad aspects yet you dont.

just rent me an series of crayon.

yes, because of how marketing works. people always looking for the better and the better.
also i dont think you’re the one who die for lacking contents.


sorry i cant remember all the names nor the comments.

Because, like I said, there’s no reason not to include them.


1. Fatshark can push out more cosmetics than if they had to make every cosmetic unique, thus saving time and money, as said above.

2. Recolors allow for more personal player customization, as said above.


0.5. Players may not like having to sift through recolors in order to get a new skin.

I marked the con as a “half”, because it’s subjective from player to player. Some players hate having to sift through recolors, others find it much more rewarding to finally get that skin they want through patience and dedication. The pros, however, are objective.

Mocking doesn’t make an argument more valid.


But what does that have to do with Fatshark being lazy?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by this?

No worries, just thought I’d repeat it here.


money for bogenhafen v2.0?

yes it is, but nothing really looks different.

sorry i wont

havent you feel anything about past year? 6 monthes with slience then just rushed out bogenhafen.
made an false advertisement upon us by the name of roadmap and keep defense themselves by
“it was just an roadmap, nothing was promised”

just edited.

Money for bigger projects, like the expansion pack that’s coming out.

That’s the point. It’s just a recolor.

Unfortunately, I’ve only joined the game recently, though I doubt it was sixth months of complete silence.

Going through the news tab on the official website, there was an in-game event and a free content patch in May (along with several community spotlights), and an in-game event in July (along with mod support and a release on Xbox One). That’s not to mention any patches for balancing or bug fixing along the way.

First off, a roadmap is, by definition, not false advertisement. A roadmap is just a way to order different plans for the future, not an advertisement for a product.

Second off, yes, they’re in their full right to not release something that was shown on the roadmap as, again, it’s not an advertisement. One thing to get absolutely clear here is that roadmaps are expectations, not deadlines. Certain things can happen along the way that made what was originally planned either harder or impossible to accomplish. Who knows, maybe dedicated servers will make it into the game with the expansion pack that’s coming, or shortly afterwards?

There’s both advantages and disadvantages to revealing your project schedules. On the one hand, the players get an idea of what’s to come, on the other hand, there’s the risk of them getting disappointed if a “promised” feature doesn’t actually make it into the game.

Just the same as there’s advantages and disadvantages to not revealing your project schedules. On the one hand, you’re not running the risk of making any promises that might not be upheld, on the other hand, the players may be frustrated that there’s no communication on upcoming features.

Fatshark chose the former when they decided to make the roadmap - which ended poorly for them, and now they’re choosing the latter, as it’s a much safer option.

Regardless, people find a way to complain anyway. It’s a lose-lose situation no matter what they decided to do.

Still not sure I understand?


I raised this question on numerous occasions but I never had an answer from Fat Shark.
We are not getting more unique cosmetics… Yes I’m but hurt because for me personally cosmetics/skins are important part of this game. All I want to know is the reason why. Is it too expensive/time consuming? Is there a problem with obtaining additional licences/permissions from Games Workshop?


and you think still pros overweight the cons? whilst its hard to find difference?

i see.

yes it is, but ever since they put this on the main-page and as it looks very promising
(dedicated server and such). by this, this is what we called ‘false advertisement’.

i dont think theyve right to not release when their mentioned roadmap over and over again put image on both steam page and vermtindie site.

fooled crews then being slience was the greastest marketing ive ever seen. indeed thats why you second em.

ayy i wont asked them to give us dedicated server, i fully understand that servers cost alot money so are the maintain. yet adding QoL isnt that hard nor challenging.


it seems you didnt experienced past year for sure, thus i dont think you get feel how lazy they are.
even nowadays each patch causes new glitches and the bugs - as always - and dont even sanctioned well-made mods from workshop. truly if ever looked, and with several clicks game will become much better but they dont. i still remember they deny the stats viewer due to they were working on it still after an year it wasnt. as my mother tongue isnt english i cant speak various and numerous verbs to express fatshark’s laziness.

A feature doesn’t have to be big or remarkable in order to bring more benefits with it than not.

You’re in your full right to be disappointed that dedicated servers didn’t end up being a thing (even though they are still a possibility in the future), but still you cannot use the “false advertisement” card here.

It’s not necessarily because they don’t want to.

A good example is new updates to consoles. People have been bashing Fatshark for the last couple weeks for not releasing any new content for the platforms, but it hasn’t been because they don’t want to.

Indeed, the updates were already finished, they just needed approval from Microsoft and Sony. They already got it from Microsoft (hence why the Xbox update recently came out), but they were (and still are) still waiting on Sony, and they wanted to release the updates together because they didn’t want to look as if they favored one console over the other, but ended up recently just releasing it for Xbox prematurely since, you know, people keep complaining, as they do.

And people still bash them for not releasing something on PS4, even though they’ve already explained why they can’t.

I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt in this situation as well, and say that it isn’t because they don’t WANT to give us dedicated servers, but it just isn’t realistically possible at the moment.

It’s not about marketing, it’s about not making false promises that don’t end up being the case.

I don’t second Fatshark and every decision they have ever made as a whole, I second them when it comes to the implementation of features for valid reasons (recolored cosmetics), and when it comes to things being out of their hands.

I understand that you have your own reasons for disliking Fatshark or decisions they have made (provided those are valid reasons), but at the same time, you have to understand why I’m currently trying to defend them, at least on the subject of recolored cosmetics or things being out of their hands at the moment.

Certainly. As mentioned above, I do not defend every action Fatshark has ever taken.

Glitches and bugs are inevitable. As long as these are relatively minor, and the game is still somewhat playable, they shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

They could do better to sanction more mods, I agree, especially since they have a team in their company centered entirely around modding.

And yes, there are certain decisions that I can scratch my head at, such as the very vague way stats are presented.

But all of this doesn’t mean that Fatshark is in the wrong no matter what they do.

Just because they don’t sanction mods, that doesn’t mean they’re lazy for implementing recolored cosmetics, as we’ve already gone over.

Also, keep in mind that most of their current resources is going into making the expansion pack, which is taking up a lot of their time. We can hope that Fatshark will get around to fixing some of the issues at around that time.


For both of you:

The roadmap:
As said it is not binding but expected to be somewhat followed which it wasn’t at all.
Fatshark will have to live with their and only their own failure.
In my opinion this all comes down to them hugely overestimating themselves as well as not delaying the release as would have been proper.

The Stats mod:
It was denied sanctioning because FS intends to do that feature themselves and in this case it also used FS created but disabled UI.
This has it’s own controversy around it. As FS is really slow that feature might never be released by them blocking the feature forever.
As well as that if you take this statement at face value means that all the qol mods that currently exist which include very minor things will never be implemented officially because of the retroactive conclusion of what they said.

Even dough the former was over analyzed you shouldn’t give too much weight to what they say exactly since they too do not think about everything in detail before posting which exactly why things like the roadmap are a thing.

Back to fashontide and therefore the subject of this topic.
I do like that we can customize our heroes a bit but I’m very sad that their very talented artists haven’t had time to retexture the skins in cool manners or that there aren’t at least be many many more recolors to choose from and at least there is the issue that hats and especially hoods do not match to most of the skins. Read more…

I’m very much aware that Winds of magic is what they are working on and I will take Beastmen over skins any day.

PS: It might just be the case that WoM sees many new/returning players and if they want to reverse the trend of loosing 90% of players over little to nothing they might want to correct some of it.


There is a cosmetic store coming out soon™, but no date has been given. I highly doubt they are going to go back and rework existing cosmetics. They might release new outfits and cosmetics in the future. I do remember they recently purchased a small design company, 10 staff or something came over? Perhaps they are locked away in Fatsharks Stockholm dungeon, being forced to work on new cosmetics as we sit here.


You only have to look at the ENTIRE REST OF THE GAME to see that fatshark is not lazy, but quite hardworking. So they didn’t dump a ton of time into cosmetics? Meh?

Don’t get me wrong I like cosmetics as much as the next ratstabber but at the end of the day it’s something you can’t even see the entire time you’re playing the game. Yes I would like to see some improvement on the cosmetics at some point, but I think it not being a priority is justified.


The omni-slashing of posts in this thread is hard on the eyes, also picking peanuts out of sh!t by taking apart each others posts is a bit overly pedantic.

Cosmetics are likely a thing that got stuffed into a bottom drawer when the first six months of the game launch saw FS having the rug yanked out from underneath them by just how poor a state the game was launched in. Calling them lazy when they possibly worked unholy hours to fix the broken game (< insert comment “They should have fixed it before launch!” here>) is a bit shallow, and although I thoroughly dislike the weapon glowsticks (especially the purple Love Truncheon of doom, Bogenhafen Exe sword) I really like some of the recolours of the characters clothing.

I also have some suspicion that new models for characters might need GW approval as they are fiercely defensive of things that might alter the “look” of a Witchhunter for example.

Having said all that, I am really only in favour of some really good looking weapon skins as that’s what I stare at most of the time - that and the insides of something that’s been battered or carved up to death.


What a great work entailed are they.

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