Sell Me Cosmetics (and Why You Should Consider an In Game Shop in General)

(To the naysayers: This has already been successfully done by Fatshark w/o issue in both V1 and V2. No one was upset by it and the world/game didn’t burn down. I ask that you please keep an open and objective outlook herein and choke back any knee jerk reactions you may have when it comes to how these sorts of practices are handled by other companies. Fatshark =/= EA and they’ve proven they can do this without impacting the gameplay experience.)

Note: I strongly feel the game should have three varieties of cosmetics: RNG drops, Purchased, and Earned (by accomplishing challenging deeds or hitting milestones like beating the game on legend).

I want to give you guys more money so you can hire more people or spend it in w/e manner effectively improves your work/art/output. I will buy any cosmetics you put up for sale, either via the DLC approach seen in V1 or through a built-in cosmetic menu similar to what PoE (and pretty much every other game in existence right now) uses. Just please continue to do it tastefully, as you’ve already demonstrated you’re capable of.

No one should have a problem with this practice because it has no effect on the game and you could still leave the vanilla cosmetics in the game to be discovered naturally for the few curmudgeons who’d be upset by this. The fact I can’t further support V2 by buying cosmetics or convenience items is extremely frustrating, as it’s an additional revenue stream that you’re ignoring.

From Fatshark, I would rather buy digital goods that relate to the game than physical goods/merch. I don’t ever want you guys to do anything P2W but I think it would be prudent to consider innocuous in game effects as well. These kinda shops can exist in a game in a very positive way that enhances community involvement and it will give you more financing without being intrusive or detrimental.


if you want cosmetics
you’re gonna have to




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You want to have cool hats without the effort involved. Well you can’t. You gotta earn your cosmetics in this game.


“I want to buy hats out of generosity”
not buying it
you just want cool hats without any effort
not gonna happen cowboy


An option to buy cosmetics, that can also be earned by playing the game might be good for a game overall. Though i’d like to also see an ingame currency, that you’d earn by completeing deeds for exapmle, and then buy cosmetics with it.
But exp booster, that’s a huge nope from me. More exp - more levels and loot -> definition of pay to win(faster). And i can only toletate such things in a f2p games.

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If you were serious about this you’d just buy more copies of the game.
But you aren’t serious are you.

Can’t get anything meaningful from commendation chests and they could cap it so it only worked on characters below level 30. Would be beneficial because it would make endgame more accessible to more people.

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Through some twisted logic the devs are assuming that players keeping playing the already bought game in hopes of getting a cosmetic drop will be more profitable than actually selling cosmetics.

In overwatch you can both work towards cosmetics by gaining currency though plays, or buy loot boxes if you want to and absolutely nobody is complaining about it. In vermintide, where you have like a 0.3% chance to get a drop and most people never will is the worst possible system.

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You can get something meaningful from comendation chest, also i don’t think that someone that played 20 hours should already be at close to max power and play legend you know.
Game got a good pacing to it, no need to ruin it.

Or they want cosmetics to actually mean something besides “I got a hold of mommy’s creditcard” and make getting one a more rewarding experience. Maybe not everyone has the EA-mentality you have.

“It creates more revenue so it’s the right thing to do”
This is literally your logic right now. Maybe it’s not about the money to me.

It would be rewarding if they had a reasonable droprate like the reds do, but when you play for 200 hours and you don’t get anything, that’s just going to make people quit.


I don’t really care if they add convenience buffs but I’m interested in your thoughts here, especially because leveling faster doesn’t mean your item level increases faster.

What though? Once they fix the green dust issue, no scrap/dust will be an issue with or w/o having a slightly increased commendation chest rate, even when crafting for all 5 characters at 600. You can get cosmetics, but if they’re selling cosmetics anyways that doesn’t matter. You can’t get veteran items and they’re not a reliable/meaningful way of getting worthwhile exotics and crafting > farming for exotics anyways.

It wouldn’t get them close to max power. Their item power would still grow at the normal, gradual pace. It would just mean they spent more time with all their talents unlocked, therefore becoming more skilled at the game sooner and improving the quality of players overall. V1 didn’t have talent trees. You could just hop in and have all the tools you needed to learn right away. V2 takes a lot of hours before you have everyone’s talents unlocked.

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If cosmetics are the only reason you’re playing, buying them will make you quit even sooner. I’m playing because I like the game primarily, I don’t have any cosmetics either, but when I finally get one I don’t want to be outdone by someone who played for less than fifty hours but spent a hundred dollars.

What’s it about to you? Some misguided belief that people think cosmetics are in any way earned or 1337? No one gives a crap if you got cosmetics man. I don’t even care if I ever get a cosmetic from a chest. This isn’t some friggin tween MMO where people play to have a “cool” lookin avatar.

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“nobody cares about cosmetics”

“they must sell cosmetics because it will make money”

Stop changing your mind with every argument I make bro

There’s a simple solution, let’s stop treating cosmetics as legendary status symbols and make them more easily available and you don’t have to worry about being outdone.

Also you can keep playing the game even after getting the cosmetics you want.

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Spoiler alert: This is already happening but for free. You don’t earn cosmetics. Someone got cosmetics in their very first chest ever, I assure you. No one is impressed if you have one. It’s not something to get butthurt about.

You know exactly what I meant. No one considers them to be “1337,” “earned”, “pro,” or any indication of how long someone has played, how good they are, or anything in anyway associated to gameplay. They’re lottery ticket prizes. Scrubs walk around with cosmetics and reds every day, because that’s what happens in a pure RNG system. Please stop requiring me to explain every single nuance of what is a very simple concept to you.

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Who actually thinks like this though? It requires so much mental gymnastics.

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