Sell Me Cosmetics (and Why You Should Consider an In Game Shop in General)

For starters, any game developer that has common sense. There is nothing wrong with the overwatch model and it’s very successful.

“Pretty much every modern game does this because it improves development through better financing.”

Not really. It was a new business model which is now getting old in my opinion
Much like DLC and season pass announced before a game release just to sell a game 90$ instead of 60. You don’t even know what you pay for.

Now regarding loot boxes, you have different kind of those

  • Boxes that you pay for which make the game easier : Those are dead after the EA story
  • Or just cosmetic stuff or voicelines to add more fun to the game : Like Overwatch

For cosmetic boxes like overwatch, they add tons of content, most of it are crappy ones like player icons and you mostly unlock those on purpose… Skins or voicelines are more rare or you just unlock variants of exisiting skins. I consider those as duplicates, it’s just annoying.

To accelerate farming for cosmetics, you can buy tons of them for a price. In the end you just get more chances of getting crappy or useless stuff. It’s a rip off. And it’s not a good thing for people just not getting rewarded evenly with hours of gameplay.

Regarding providing support to fatshark, I actualy do with their current business model and bought every single DLC from VM1 and it’s why I love Fatshark as a dev studio. They keep up supporting the game and provide new content over time. Sometimes it’s even free and it’s a good thing!

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Nonono I mean: “who thinks they’re legendary status symbols?” I’m agreeing with you. Fatshark should be doing what everyone else is doing here.

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They should certainly not sell loot boxes but they have already sold cosmetic sets in the past a la V1’s DLC cosmetic sets. This is what I’m talking about. Just mentioning that other games are successfully doing it to point out it’s a revenue stream that’s being ignored.

Not asking them to pump out garbage cosmetics just to make money, only that they do what they did in V1 and sell the cosmetics instead of throwing them in with a 0.0003% drop rate where less than 1% of the playerbase will ever see it anyways, rendering them meaningless from every viewpoint.

I like Fatshark’s level of care too but they could probably benefit from taking on additional staff, and expanding their revenue streams would help with that. The game is already crazy underpriced, even after we’ve bought all expansions and whatnot. Its value is extreme.


Your only good point here is that cosmetics are currently too random to be seen as a status-symbol and with that argument you try to dispel my notion that paid cosmetics will ruin any status associated with them.

I do not agree with that notion because on average the well-dressed player will have had to farm many hours before getting cosmetics. I say this with an eye on the future when the cosmetic system will be more intricate. Therefore, when seeing a player sporting an outfit, save for some freak-cases, they are usually experienced long-time players. This causes the item to gain status.

You might argue that when the cosmetics are paid items they typically still attract only the more dedicated players and that they’d still have status associated with them, but in my opinion the status associated with an item that can be reliably gained without any effort whatsoever is inherently lower. It would no longer be a sure sign of a dedicated player as anyone with a lot of money to spend would be indistinguishable from dedicated players who have completed the (not yet implemented) bounties and gotten good drops by force of dedication.

Not to mention the fact that paid cosmetics will send Fatshark down a precarious path, one where they will likely attempt to maximize the revenue gained from paid cosmetics in manners that are detrimental to the enjoyment of players like me, but that’s an entirely different argument I’d rather not get into right now.

Finally I want to say that the current business-model already generates plenty of post-launch income while also being a lot more honest and associated with less danger of ruining the experience. Perhaps if Fatshark needed the money to continue support I’d entertain your ideas of bringing in more revenue despite my reservations, but since the company is currently doing extremely well and can easily extend support well into the future, I’d rather not.

With this argument I’d like to conclude that you have no reason for the implementation of the suggested feature.


I don’t mind the idea of purchase cosmetics. But QoL improvements or any sort of boost or buff would be a pay to win mechanic as far as I am concerned and I would not want that for the game.

As long as it is cosmetic only, I do not care.


Fatshark has already sold paid cosmetics in both V1 and V2. They have done so with taste, professionalism, and maturity. As such, I do not believe it will take them down a precarious path at all. Otherwise, I’d never suggest it. We’re talking about a company that’s still trying to give us free stuff despite not having enough staff to tackle all of the bugs right now. If anything, they are -too- charitable and undervaluing their own efforts in the extreme. They are a lot like CD Projekt Red in terms of their ethos, customer care, and dedication and I strongly feel they can be trusted with this.

Fatshark being able to sustain themselves isn’t the same as them being able to expand or improve their output. V2 has more bugs than would be considered acceptable for a full-launch title. If they have more revenue, they can hire on more people and not only fix things faster but create new and improved content on a better schedule. An example of how they seem to be suffering due to lack of personnel right now is their efforts to fix shooting through walls and how they’re saying it’s going to take a while. We all know the game is quite incomplete right now and, for some people, virtually unplayable. They have a quality product, they could just use a bit more weight behind it. The more opportunities we have to buy into the better, as it will only translate to more and better content for us as users.

Cosmetics/Reds will never be a status symbol, no matter how much some people may want to see them as such. Even with the bounty system, it’s just a matter of that cosmetic item coming up in the rotation. This isn’t an MMO with an open world or a general lobby, so most players never even notice cosmetics at all. They’re just kinda a “huh, neat” bonus for the person using it. This, however, is of course only the case because every cosmetic is nothing but pure RNG. Adding paid-for cosmetics does not prevent Fatshark from adding, for example, cosmetics related to accomplishing difficult challenges. I think that sort of thing should be implemented as well. Eg. A cosmetic for beating the game on Legend, cosmetics that can only be acquired through challenging deeds, things like that.

To elaborate on my last point, almost every other game that has cosmetics has those three varieties: random drops, purchased, and earned. Fatshark should incorporate this system.


No, just no.

that been said, the only Solution here is to get our Bountyboard from V1 into V2.

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What’s your beef, stranger? They did it in V1 w/o issue. V2 already has paid cosmetics and no one’s upset about it? What is your argument against this when it has already been successfully put into practice by this dev repeatedly, without issue?

Yes, regardless, Bounty Board (or equivalent) needs to be a thing asap

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Like every Triple-A Title now Days.

Agreed, but different kinda bugs in a different kinda game and we’re way past launch now. Overall I think it’s a subjective nitpick but I feel my point still stands. This is a quality developer with a quality product that could benefit from being able to expand a bit. If this was EA, or most other devs, I’d never suggest this because I wouldn’t trust them. I trust Fatshark specifically because they’ve already demonstrated, in both V1 and V2, that they can sell cosmetics in a tasteful way that has no impact on the gameplay experience.

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Just let me reset a characters level at 30 to get a hat for the class I’m currently playing. Oh look, the games suddenly had a progression loop added and I can actually get the things that I want instead of spending 350h and getting nothing from commendation chests, which now take me 3 successful legend runs to get each thanks to having max level characters.

(Redacted due to misreading the blurb to which I was replying).

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Your argument is just that Fatshark should be doing what everyone else is doing.
I do agree that Fatshark should increase drop rate on cosmetic but that’s not the subject of your topic.

Only people willing to pay for stuff (and not everybody can afford it) will benefit from it. it would be worst for everyone else.

Edit : Just one more thing : If you followed the #PatchTalk from Fatshark on twitter they actually propose some kind of “achievement” that would unlock things like cosmetics. Pretty much like Quests and Contracts from VM1.

I was being serious about the suggestion, not mocking your post or anything if that is how you read it.

No, I only bring up other companies because it’s a common practice. In reality, Fatshark has already done this in both V1 and V2. It had zero negative impact. I’m saying they should do more of that. None of the arguments against it that people have presented have ever become a real issue so there’s no reason to think they would now.

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Oh, my apologies. I misread that completely and thought you were suggesting it would lead to people abusing/cheesing EA-style powerups or something.

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C’mon, they just added a single skin per character in VM1 it’s not like a whole system that would allow you to get any cosmetics from the game.

Also with mods you would basically have access to all cosmetics.

They don’t have to sell the in game cosmetics. As I stated somewhere else in here, I actually prefer the idea of having distinct RNG, purchased, and earned cosmetics. This is how most games do it. Problem is, there’s -only- RNG cosmetics right now (aside from Collector’s Edition). They should not only add purchasable variants but also cosmetics that -do- carry status (eg. Beating the game on Legend).


Some food for thought.

PC gamers will spend a whopping $22bn on microtransactions in free-to-play games this year, double the figure from 2012 and nearly three times the revenue generated from full game purchases on PC and consoles combined.

Whales are no joke. If fatshark can find a responsible way to tap that delicious whale juice it means big things for the game well beyond sustaining it.

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