Say NO to purchasable cosmetics

Im not one to start waving a pitchfork but this needs to die fast. Please dont do this Fat Shark I can stand delays and bugs but these cosmetics are already in the game’s files RIGHT NOW. Please for the love of Sigmar dont pull the trigger on this.


Purchasable cosmetics is better than the current state of cosmetics.

It took me 600 hours to get a hat for the career I enjoy playing the most, and that is not okay (2nd hat, mind you, first at 350). Don’t pretend I’ll be rewarded for dedicating time, when it takes that amount of hours for someone and 12 hours for others.

I’d take purchasable cosmetics over this nonsense any day.


Few important considerations on this:

  1. Purchasable cosmetics =/= cosmetics are only purchasable;
  2. VT1 had quite good purchasable cosmetics without issue or complaint;
  3. VT2 already has purchase-exclusive cosmetics without issue or complaint;
  4. Cosmetics are currently 100% luck based and therefore have no value whatsoever in terms of demonstrating skill, commitment, or even time/experience, making them identical to purchased cosmetics in terms of prestige;
  5. The value for your time investment is better with purchasable cosmetics and you actually have control over getting the things you want; and
  6. Many multiplayer games sell cosmetics effectively with no ill effect.

To elaborate on the last point, I have about 1000hrs and have barely any cosmetics and even fewer I actually care about. For the value of my manhours, that’s a massive investment due to the current atrocious RNG and drop rates. The drop rate and RNG should be improved but even still I would much rather be able to spend a few bucks to have the appearance I care about (ie. just like you can in, say, the tabletop). Done effectively, with the funds been properly allocated to further and hopefully more effective development, the ability to purchase cosmetics would be a step in the right direction. FS has demonstrated in the past that they can do so tastefully.


If I were to assume sinister intentions, I’d say this is precisely the reason for why drop rates are the way they are :wink:


Huh… I though FS said that there will never be any microtransactions in the game.
Sure, paying a few cents for a hat is easier than this endless grind we have now… but… like WTF. It feels like this would encourage them to keep this bullsh-t droprade only to push people into buying cosmetics…
The “why should we fix stuff and add better and more creative ways for people to earn cosmetics in game if we can just leave it in this sh-t state and let them pay for it” kind of thinking…

Not good.


If they add new cosmetic armors that aren’t recolors and more weapon illusions, I will buy them.

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but that’s only because the current way of getting cosmetics (hats) is through long hours-consuming RNG grind. And pushing through this “pay-for-cosmetics” model won’t encourage them to change that. So instead of improving the way of gaining cosmetics through crafting/challenges/quests they’ll throw it into a cash store, rather than creating more interesting and rewarding game mechanics.

To me this feels like the cheap way of solving problems.


calling it now, if this goes through were gonna see this when Sanctioned mods comes

More Hats mod Sanction application: Denied

Reason: bla bla lore stuff bla bla rare hats more rewarding bla bla

Real reason: if you can equip hats on more characters it makes it harder to persuade you to buy hats


Hmm… like hey… there could be a free mod for this but… well lets “create our own version” and sell it for izi moneyz!

I am almost certain now that FatShark are actively trying to maximize short-term profits here before dissolving their studio. BECAUSE HOLY HELL, they REALLY don’t want to have any sort of good reputation here.


The benefit of purchasable cosmetics is a variety of skins, maybe even ones that work with helms, and it helps give FS more money to make V2 better. Im fine with it, if you don’t want them don’t buy them, if you do then get them. Im all for making heroes look cool even if it isnt a reflection of skill.


TBH I’d have been much happier with a system like this from the get-go regardless of how effective the drop system was. It’s literally just paying artists for art they created. I’ve never really seen anyone take issue with this sort of transaction outside of P2W scenarios so ultimately I think there would have been way less buttpain if there was the option to spend a buck to get an aesthetic we wanted instead of grinding forever to still not get it.


or ya know, they could tweak the drop rates so there more reasonable…
and/or make hats drop from all chests…


Yes, and they should do that, but I’d still rather have both systems. The only time I’d be opposed to purchasable cosmetics is if they were selling something you had to earn through skill/time. For example, if they were selling cosmetics you got from challenges, that would be a problem for obvious reasons. As for most hats, I have no way of knowing whether or not the person wearing it got it in their first chest they ever opened or if they’ve played for 10k hrs and finally got something they wanted and I ultimately couldn’t care less. What’s important is for people to be able to customize their appearance, kinda like we can in the tabletop or like we can in most other games of this nature.

Ideally, there should be three types of cosmetics:

  1. Purchased only - These already exist in both VT1 and VT2 without issue or complaint.
  2. Purchasable or Found in Commendation Chests
  3. Exclusively Earned Through in Game Activity

I have nothing agains supporting the game/artists/whatever if there is good stuff to be worth supporting, but not at the cost of leaving the game in a bad state. If people want to go and support the people creating the content, sure, why not (if the content is good enough) but also create a better way to obtain these items in-game.


I agree wholeheartedly. I’m not advocating for an abusive system by any means and I’d not be giving FS anymore money myself until they’ve compensated their customers for the snafu we’ve endured since launch or the fact the game’s still Early Access despite the marketing bs. Just saying, ideally, we’d have a system that works in both capacities. The most important thing is that the game works properly though and has polished systems.


I just hope that they won’t grab random skin/hat recolors and start selling them, while leaving the game as it is now for another half a year.


That would be pretty reprehensible… especially in this day and age. We should be able to manually customize our own subtle colour changes imo, like in DCUO. Cosmetic models should be novel. Eg. Most cosmetics in Battleborn and store-bought and I think all of Path of Exile’s are but they’re all really friggin cool.

As long as they are not locked behind a pay wall and still unlockable through normal means, I am happy.

One Skin for each Character which were just the Standart recoloured in Red and the other “buyable” Cosmetics were the Collecters Edition Helmets from buying the Edition.

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