I would love more cosmetic items...to buy

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I want lots of skins. Also, I want to choose what skins I get. I want to be able to buy these things to customize my character. I would also like pets, cool portraits (based on achievements) and other fun stuff to customize the game. I love this game, and I would not mind spending a few dollars to support it while making my hero look unique.

Forget paid account boosts and all that. I just want to be able to customize my hero. I am a huge sucker for skins. Yes, it would require a micro-transaction system. But you could also do in-game currency that people can grind.

As most have pointed out, the drop rates for new cosmetic items is abysmal. Why not let us support the game and the artists?


Beats a .37% droprate, at this point any change even a paid one would be welcome and I hate saying that.


If VT1 is any indication they’ll have some skin-only DLCs.


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Probably why the drop rates are so abysmal they will sell cosmetic packs like in V1. No “microtransactions” as they promised, and you can get some skins in game if you grind thousands of hours so that is “fair”, but if you actually want to ever change your appearance buy the cosmetic DLC.
Bad form, Fatshark. I’d buy cosmetic DLC even if I got cool reds to drop in a reasonable time frame (sub 1000 hours), but unless something changes I won’t buy cosmetic dlc on principle. Abysmal drop rates to create artificial demand is bad, bad form.


Microtransactions and it’s brainless corporate-slave supporters are the reason why we get so little content nowadays with videogames. It is a blight that needs to be purged.


Rally the troops comrade! Games belong to the workers, not the soul-sucking bourgeoisie! I am calling a secret meeting on PCMasterRace so we can discuss the revolution.

But seriously, I think VT2 has plenty of content. In terms of paying for DLC and Expansions, I have no problem with that. If I like a game, I support it. Sorry about your money problems.

V2 has plenty of content for a 25€ game. Even a bit more than V1 had if you factor in the different careers and all the new stuff like skill points etc. I dont generally have an issue with dlc as long as its something that adds something substantial to the game. The V1 dlc were largely fair as they added new maps with new and interesting stuff to the game. If they go down the same route, I wouldnt mind paying for it. Heck, even new gamemodes, should they ever decide to make some, would probably be worth it as long their theyre priced reasonably.

In terms of cosmetics, you always gotta be careful. As harmless as they are and as much as I dont mind other ppl buying them(tho I personally dont buy cosmetics in general), they can be a gateway to bad, cheaply produced dlc with little value and later on microtransactions. Weve all seen it happen plenty of times in other games and with devs that were previously seen as fair(Payday2 being a good example here).

As such, Id state that dlc, if well done -> good. Cosmetics, if really only skins etc -> fine. But as soon as you see something that smells fishy or looks like a cheap rehash of old stuff thats not worth its price, call it out and dont buy it. Voting with our wallets is the best thing we can do to guide the direction a game takes.

To me it seems like a no brainier to offer lots of cosmetics and charge for them.

Personally I’d offer lots including just simple recoloring for low prices lie a buck or 2 each. I’d love to see re-colors of Kruger for all the different counties/provinces of the Empire. But even full skin conversions could probably sell for 5 - 10 bucks each.

It’s an easy way to monetize more or less existing game assets without investing a huge amount of resources. In other words wringing more water from the same stone.

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Which could also be seen as lackluster content. Complete reskins aside, charging money for simple rehashes and recolouring of already existing skins isnt really something to be seen as consumer friendly. I could maybe get behind 1€ per skin tops but even that is somewhat cringeworthy to me and Id much rather see them focus on making new and amazing skins instead. Having “no effort” repaints of the same skins just stinks of money grabbing and doesnt give off too great a vibe, considering the state the industry is in atm.

Youll also have to keep in mind that having the steam store page littered with 50 different dlc(even if all of them are only cosmetics) might make new potential buyers think twice about getting a game and we might lose out on some potentially awesome additions to this community that way.

in my humble opinion, a microtransaction store with purely cosmetic items never hurt anybody. allows for player customisation which is what we all love, and doesn’t affect gameplay in any way.

but i know fatshark is quite strongly opposed to having monetising systems in their game (i don’t know why, money = more funding for their core game)


At least with threads like this I can take some solace in the notion Fatshark seems to ignore feedback.

they do listen to players, it’s just that there’s a LOT of feedback, they are a small dev team, and they have to cherry pick which ones will further their company’s goal, whatever that may be.

just because they don’t reply to the thread or patch in cosmetics immediately, doesn’t mean they’re not listening. don’t be bitter -.-

take a look at the other threads/bugposts with dev replies. they have to divide their time carefully + take a break from the crunch of pushing out the product 2 weeks ago

Okay, I’ll be frank here. No. Just no. Fatshark is a small team, and I’d much more prefer having new bosses and maps than a couple of clothes, that change nothing in game. It would be much more interesting, to have challange mode and get things for your castle, or something like that. I really don’t understand peoples fascination with dressup games.

but you have to acknowledge that there are gamers with different motivations to play, even if they don’t share yours, yea?

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Of course. That’s why I don’t buy games that are centered around cosmetic items. Simple as that. I would be dissappointed if they added this to vermintide.

if they make it CENTERED around cosmetic items with no good gameplay, sure. but vermintide’s core combat system is already strong. why would you be disappointed with them adding more motivation for more players to play? assuming that the development of such cosmetic items doesn’t delay patches or game updates/dlcs.

not sure why you would be disappointed with them adding more fun stuff for other players, even if you don’t find it fun yourself. a larger community = more money = more incentive for fatshark to keep adding content that each of us like.

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The point of the op was, that he wants lots of customization options to buys. I don’t object for example dlc with new outfits.

I would be dissappointed with them for adding microtransactions, as I always am, when someone does that. I’ve seen far too many companies turn to money-grubbing techniques.

Also do you wanna show of your skills to other players, or the depth of your wallet?

Which is exactly the reason why microtransactions for cosmetics aren’t much better than microtransactions for better gear. Both are end-game loot and both are coveted by different kinds of players. Saying it’s okay to sell cosmetics cause it’s not “pay to win” is just really shortsighted.

Having some costumes or hats attached to mission DLCs is a different matter completely though, I’d just be very sceptical of some kind of real money in game shop that sells hats. That kind of thing has ruined a lot of games for me, and it often leads to the development being centered around these high selling cosmetics while content DLCs are being neglected.

you are arguing that buying cosmetics = buying red gear.

one affects gameplay, the other doesn’t.

i don’t see it as you do. cosmetics people buy with money doesn’t give them an edge over non paying players in combat.

let’s agree to disagree.

i’m not sure how you feel that skills = cosmetics. a nice hat doesn’t turn bad players into good ones.