What About A Market?

I see a lot of people complaining or talking about reworks for cosmetics. It honestly is kind of ridiculous how are going for 150+ hours and never seeing a single cosmetic.
I know the idea will probably see a lot of hate and controversy but what if we were able to sell Red Items and cosmetics on a steam market place like other games? For those to lazy to grind like hell to find one they can spend maybe 5 bucks to buy someone else’s. It would certainly also attract a lot of players who like to deal with trading and markets.
Just an idea, don’t go preaching in the comments.

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asked and answered many times, fatshark doesn’t want to go that route.

i’m not an employee tho, so feel free to refute.

it would take away the joy of farming for the items or getting them by chance. for many people that’s the lure of the game, to anticipate that sexy red hidden in your vaults. if that’s trivialised by paying $, then it becomes kinda pay2win.


Fortunately today’s patch raised the drop rates of reds and cosmetics, so there should be a lot more around soon!

Yeah and they also put us back in the kiddiepen by removing the beta section… Good luck getting a chest that even drops them.

… What?

Now they can drop from generals and emperors on champ and legend, as well as commendation…

yea this was my reaction too

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Yeah so that chinese gold farmers can flood the game with bots and hacks. Just nope.

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I actually bought a copy of VT2 for a friend after making $40 off some stupid leather pants in PUBG. I wouldn’t mind VT2 having another system that lets dirty peasants like me feed off of fat dumb whales, but I think the developer’s time is better spent elsewhere.