Free map model suggestion

In the recent AMA and Twitch stream I believe it was stated that you are going to try to do a free content model with cosmetics being the main source of the games income. If this turns out to be successful perhaps consider adding a steam market. This way as you have stated that certain cosmetics will be time based. This give them the potential to accrue value as well as offer late players a means to get them with you getting a percentage of the profits. Just figured it would be worth mentioning with you trying the Freelc model.

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I was under the impression this is only for Lohner’s Emporium which won’t have paid cosmetics, and it’s not like they’re going away forever, they’re just on a rotation. The paid stuff will be separate DLCs like in the first game.

Maybe I got it wrong though, might have to go back and have another look at the stream and AmA.


I’m going to equate the current state of VT2 to EC. The entire game and all it’s maps and contents should be free. Free players should be locked to the first base class of all the characters, xp gain is halved, and Emperor Chests to Emperor Vaults can be collected but cannot be opened. Commendation chests can be opened (they have the lowest % to get a red anyways).

This will bring a flood of new players, and if they can stomach the garbage heap, they’ll pay for the full game to unlock all features.

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