A compromise solution for paid \ free DLC

In order to raise online, you make DLC free to your own detriment. And because of this, the development of the game slows down, we get fewer maps of new weapons, and so on. Alas, the helmets on the characters is not what you need, for example I only liked 1 ( the helmet of a Hoplite at the elf ) and I bought it. I would buy everything if I liked them and buy all the paid DLC without hesitation, because there is nothing better than this game. To please those who do not want to invest money, you suffer, game development and those who want more content. We need some kind of compromise. For example, enter dwarf cards from 1 part of the game and 1 type of weapon for each hero, maps are free, weapons are paid. You can also come up with something else, your policy pleases, but you should think a little more about yourself, to make this masterpiece develop more. Thank you, have a nice day.

I bought every single hat, even pyro’s ugly one… (impulse buyer) Thats way more money than 8 bucks for map dlc…
Will probably buy the next batch of hats as well, and I guess thats what FS hopes would happen:
1 player buys a ton of hats, for every 5 players that hardly buy any

Keep in mind, I don’t think Fatshark has said that they’re planning on completely dropping paid content. The idea is to add free content that gets financed by cosmetics, and we’ve seen this with the free Drachenfels map pack that got added after the first batch of premium cosmetics. More premium cosmetics are on the way, and I’m sure more free content/map packs are also on the way, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be paid content also coming our way, basically.

Or at least that’s the assumption I’m working on until FS flat out declares that that’s the case.

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