Let’s face it, this is actually a pathetic DLC

Because of the fact that the new maps are accessible by everyone through quickplay (which is very good imo, and I applaud Fatshark for this), the result is that the only thing you are paying for this new DLC is the ability to earn the Bögenhafen boxes. Already here, we have a bit of a split in the community. Some people think that 8€ for all the new cosmetics might be worth it, others think it’s way to expensive for what it is.
However, considering the facts we now have; with the DLC finally going live, it’s now clear that what you are paying for is the ability to Earn ONE of the Bögenhafen crates per week. Thats what this DLC is; One crate per week, If you play around 2 hours a day (average), every day, every week. I dont think anyone, no matter if the only thing you do in life is play this game, can justify 8€ for ONE crate per week. I mean, seriously?
Yes, there are challenges you can do, finding Okris hidden stash, and climbing the tower in the pit was fun, and parkouring into the merchants room on Blightreaper was a nice secret too, but that’s not enough. Because, let’s face it. Less than 5% of the playerbase is even going to ATTEMPT to run through the darkness on Blightreaper without touching a torch, or light any brazier, on legendary difficulty (!). Most of these challenges, like the one in the vanilla game, is just to tedious to attempt by almost all of the players.
If you don’t want a backlash unlike anything you’ve ever seen, you need to implement other ways of getting these crates. Because paying for something you still have to grind like a mill for, and the reward being ONE (I dont even understand how they were thinking honestly, just one…) crate, it is insane beyond anything I’ve seen anywhere in this industry. And the new crates don’t even drop three items, they drop ONE. You grind an average of 2 hours/day (this weeks mission you only have two days to complete, and it’s a Tuesday so people will work those 2 days), for one goddamn item is beyond something even EA or Activision would do. How were you thinking? Act, and act fast. Reddit is already in dismay about this. I dont know the solution, maybe someone can come up with something, but this is a disaster. And you will notice, soon, if you haven’t already.


To be honest, I bought the DLC for the cosmetics and i am quite disapointed in the ones i got sofar. They are basically just recolors of Red weapons where the blue light is purple. The body armors also are just recolors of the standart ones (waystalker armor inb blue where the hood stays green , yay). The helmet I got, one looks like a bioled egg holder at breakfast and the other one is just a tatoo on saltzpyres forehad, also look kind of sad.


Seems to me like the kind of dlc which screams “buy me only if you want to support me”.


Hey I preordered the collectors edition and you know that’s not worth it money wise but that was never the intention it’s more like patreon for me. That’s also probably what they expected people that bought the dlc that they are from the core base:

Now I understand that that is’t going to satisfy somebody that expected to get something for his money.
And unlike what they might have expected there are also a lot of people that don’t want to do these challenges.

If I wouldn’t have bought this as kind of support for FS and didn’t have any idea what was in the locked game files and didn’t know about FS track record. Well I would be disappointed too but you can’t be disappointed if you already knew what would come (more or less).

The fact that there’s an rng wall and a money wall for the cosmetics kinda kills it for me. Especially considering that most of cosmetics are just low effort recolors of what we already have. Games like killing floor also have lazy recolors of vanilla skins as well except they sell on the market for like 4 cents.


Another blatant example of fatshark deliberately disrespecting the players time.

Not only that but the new boxes are also dropping dupes.

Disgraceful what it is that we are actually paying for in this DLC


I’ll be buying the DLC as soon as I can log into steam.

at $10 usd… I’ve not seen the maps but $5 each is acceptable, and if it supports further work on the game it’s an added benefit.


I bought the DLC mostly to support Fatshark for the excellent new maps.
But now that I have it and see the box system, I kind of regret having done that.
Because I feel like Fatshark is taking their customers for fools, and I am one of those customers.
I’d have felt better about the whole thing if there just weren’t any Bögenhafen Boxes.


They’d have much happier players and probably more money if they just gave the maps away for free and let you buy the cosmetics you want directly.

Why they’d rather upset all their players with more grind is truly incomprehensible.

They don’t just have a coder problem, and a management problem, they have a decision maker problem too.

The only positive this team really has going for it are the map designers, artists, and voice performers.


I can’t say I like the idea of purchasable cosmetics, just sell me the levels and let me play with the same chance of getting loot/cosmetics as anyone else.

I find it weird that people call this game a grind.

I play for the fun, I’d still play if I was told I was never getting another red/cosmetic. I find the stories/laughs/challenge I get out of this game far more valuable than the loot.


I’m not disappointed about the content. The new maps are a welcome change and I do appreciate that you’ve let players who didn’t buy the dlc play them.

It’s more the content/price balance that I’m disappointed in. In my country the base game costs $41, and for that we get:

  • 13 maps
  • 5 heroes with 3 classes each
  • All of the weapons

The DLC on the other hand, costs $13 (~30% of the base game) and gives us:

  • The opportunity to grind for a CHANCE at getting new cosmetics.

It’s just not good enough.


At least I’m happy FS are very optimistic about VT2, they decided to split prety little playerbase even more, if U haven’t purchase DLC U can’t join new maps via lobby browser. Ofc U can join them via QP, but lots of ppl prefer lobby browser to avoid some maps they don’t wanna play.

If it’s worth something, I have over 700 hours of active gaming.
I bought the normal version, and then, despite the stuff that was going on, in May/June I updated to the collector edition (even knowing, at that time that I was just going to get a statue) because I thought it was the best way to support fs in a time of sh!t storming them.
Now, after playing the beta and nagging about things, I also bought the dlc, partly because I hoped to pull in some annoyed friends, and partly because I hoped to see something seriously worth, lets say I gave fs another chance (and I think that effort should always receive a rewards, even if the beta testing didn’t gave me any)
I did enjoy things, and also had a good amount of bile issues because of bugs/bad planning.
I made the choice, so I’ll not go back, lucky enough, 8€ right now are not an “end of the world” problem for me, but this isn’t the way.
I wish fs to get their act together and honestly review (internally, it’s not needed a formal apology on the social media, it will just hurt more the studio) the last year management, this is not for my satisfaction, it’s an advice as a fellow freelancer software developer. If fs feels it’s not needed (the review) then, there’s nothing to do nor any more words to spend.
Do I feel this was a pathetic DLC? Yes I think so.
Am I a masochist? I guess I am.
Do I think to spend more money on fs products? I’ll think twice. No more pats on the shoulders from me.
At the end this is a seller/customer relationship and not a friend to friend one.


I still prefer to buy a game / DLC /abonnement and to farm all my stuff by myself. I don´t get it, why ppl already want the cosmetics for 8 peanuts in their inventory. The gameplay is already fun and more loot/quests make it already more “worth”.

I really miss the glory times, where i paid 12€ per month to play a game, that got permanently patched and had no lootboxes. You want something special? Finish this questline or beat that raremob.
A lot of ppl cried about “no loot, no content”. Here is some and now…

Yes it´s up to everyone personally… this is just my opinion…

I think people would be more willing and happy to grind/get the new stuff via some game progression if there actually was some motivation for it. But, at least to me, getting a rng buch of cheap crappy no-effort recolours isn’t a motivation for a grind, or something you could look forward to in the long run.

FS just took another dump into their customer’s mouths hoping that we won’t notice…


What I don’t understand is why they didn’t at least weigh the boxes towards the class you’re playing.
It’s just frustrating getting a new box, then wondering if you should even open it because it will be a massive disappointment.
I certainly stopped rather quickly. I can only hope they fix that, or future weeklies add higher rewards.
I never wondered before if a DLC can be refunded, but the fact I did now is a testament to the irritation I felt when I opened the first three boxes and only got stuff I know I will never, ever use.

I’ve said this before, I’m ready to cash in a lot of money for new cosmetics, BUT I DO NOT WANT ANY MORE FU*KING RECOLORS!
So far I was understandable and supportive, but almost 6 months after the game launched, what in the actual hell, MORE RECOLORS?
The maps are looking great, I really liked playing them. But this:

Brand new? Brand new recolor you mean?

I am willing to pay $8 just for 2 maps, but for the love of everything, don’t advertise how you’ve created new skins when you’ve just… Oh fu*k it, I’ve typed “recolored” so many times in this post that my fingers will probably change color now.

I’d like to get a private message from person/persons who flagged this post. I just want to hear why exactly has it been flagged. Thank you very much.


Aren’t you happy at the prospect of your brand-new fingers?


I think FS hopes people will overlook the overpriced DLC and focus on the patch.

They should get a medal for getting the game into 1.0 half a year after release.

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