DLC and red items

Any particular reason as to why these items have to be crafted, other than to make gaining items more of a time sink than it already is? Are you guys at fatshark really that focused on gatekeeping new players out of your game?


Crafted because it would be too difficult for the developers to allow them to drop normally because that would most likely cause all the VT2 programming to implode.

For new players yea 5 Red Dust is a lot.



DeMasked, now image if a new player wants to go from level 1 to 35, and gain two red DLC items on one (1) character. That’s easily two hundred hours from farming alone. Absolutely absurd


We recently got a new addition to our team. Someone who finally upgraded his Potatoe to PC. 82 hours in and he had already enough Red dust to craft both DLC weapons. Kind of mandatory since he is playing Sienna.

Also, Red Items are never something you need. Even in Cata you dont need much if any breakpoints. If at all I run defensive stuff and Attack Speed on most weapons. Once you reach Legend you have absolutely enough Dust to roll for a properties. Close to max CurseRes and something on the Trinket, Close to max Attack Speed and something on the weapon and Attack Speed something on charm and you are done.

Its absolutely no problem to gear. Leveling is the hard and boring part. We ended up leveling family sharing accounts with him. (Screw Hero Power.)

Getting the Reds is no problem at all once you finally reach max Hero Power.


What is the drop chance of a red in legendary emp chests? 15%? You need 10 dust to get 2 DLC weapons, which is an average of 150 emperor chest legend games. If each game takes an average of 30 minutes, that’s 75 hours of 100% legendary runs. Toss in leveling and poor rng and you are looking at 100+++. This is beyond stupid and unecessary.

Why even defend this? Makes literally no sense, unless you are a paid shill.

Keep in mind, this is 2 reds ONLY. No other characters, no charms, no trinkets, nothing. That’s easily 150~ hours of farming, to get 2 (two) reds.


this system is counter intuitive. i struggle on legend outside my maxed heroes. but the loot system wants me to play on legend if i want the highest Chance to get reds. even if my skill is below legend i don’t want to play on champ because of the lower red drop chances.

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Red weapons honestly don’t provide much of an advantage over orange weapons, honestly. The properties are somewhat lackluster to begin with, and having guaranteed max percentages on them isn’t going to help much. I can only speak for myself here, but I can’t even tell if I’m using an orange or red weapon in-game. The only real benefit red weapons provide is to clean things up a bit. A flat 10% is more pleasing to the eye than a 9.1%. People like simple numbers.

We know we’re getting a crafting overhaul at some point in the future, so one can reasonable expect this “issue” will be getting fixed then.


22-24% for Emperors, 8-10% for the lowest ones. Around 18% for the average vault, Generals.

But yea, I wouldn’t mind if you could get all red weapons via quests. Or better yet, give us the Weave crafting, that way when you reach lvl 30, you can have max stat weapons regardless if you have a red or not. The loot boxes would end up being for cosmetics only, as you can take any weapon and upgrade it to max stats.


It does matter when you start to consider getting the correct rolls, in combination with high rolls. And yes, people having to spend literally hundreds of hours to acquire a few weapons is an “issue”. I already have everything I need, so I don’t even speak for myself here, but it might surprise you that a lot of people are not that interested in spending several weeks of actual playtime, just to get the items they want.

I simply refuse to believe adding the DLC weapons to the random drop table of chests requires a lot of work from fatshark.


Ok. You DO NOT get red items for completing the Okri’s Challenge as part of BtU for example. You get a red SKIN that can be applied to the DLC weapon you unlocked completing all of the DLC missions.

In Back to Ubersreik there is NO WAY of getting a red weapon other than the same way as non-DLC players - by upgrading a weapon to red and then applying the skin.

I think that being able to have a consistent means of getting the Red/Skin is far more preferable than RNG hell. It could be even longer to get an RNG dual hammers than to earn any kind of reds and break them down to get the dust.

YET again, we’re back to the core problem that getting reds in the first place as a new player is painful as new players might not be ready for Legend, but they’re forced there to attempt to get reds. Loot drop rates suck and the crafting system sucks. Who knew?!?!!


No, they’re not.

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This exactly. That would be such a good change. I’ve made several post pleading for this thing, good to see I’m not the only one who feels that way.


I suppose they could stay in champion and have a 4% chance of dropping a red from an emperors chest. Extends the grind even further but you’re technically right.


As one should be.

However I do agree that drop rates are a bit low and the crafting system is… meh, I suppose.

Unless I’ve misunderstood something the crafting overhaul should be next up after the Emporium (someone please correct me if I’m wrong), so hopefully it’s not too far out.

This just reminded me that I didn’t mention getting red item dupes in my rewards thread. :cry:

Yes the loot system and crafting system are flawed and yes there is a tangible reason in wanting to acquire Red Items because then you can ignore most of the BS behind said crafting system.

Loot System: The drop chances for Red Items and Cosmetics were increased already probably 2 or 3 times I believe because on release it was simply beyond ridiculous in trying to get either to drop. Currently the drops are alright if you amass enough Legend Vaults since Champion Chests to me are kinda meh + you already automatically get some via quests but for myself I see such chests are general trash to do away with once I’ve accrued a lot of them.

In a perfect world the current loot system is alright in the sense that if you have working and balanced gameplay that should allow the player to get through certain difficulties in which case they then are rewarded. However even now after all this time we still have bugs/glitches that effect the base game (not to mention Beastmen spawn/audio/animation issues) which can easily inflate the difficulty making that reward far more difficult to obtain specifically when you want a certain item.

So yea currently due to the game’s lack of quality when it comes to inconsistency the Loot System is thus flawed imo.

Crafting System: Currently is archaic and ignored even though Winds of Magic Expansion changed a bunch of stuff while not touching on Crafting/Item Modifiers and so on. Lost opportunity due to ignorance I imagine.

Having a Red Item means you do not have to deal with the ridiculous Re-Rolling mechanic nearly as much. I still remember the great Green Dust famine that occurred soon after the game’s release where you were forced to play lower difficulties in order to get the Crafting Materials needed for re-rolling stats. Without a Red item you are having to deal with both the stats themselves plus the quality of each stat which is something that can indeed have a significant impact on gameplay when it comes to reaching breakpoints or simply that extra amount of a buffer to survive certain scenarios.

So yea. Dealing with Orange items and the infinite re-rolling can be frustrating. Even with Red items it can be frustrating because you might want a weapon to do X while another of the same type of weapon to do Y and again Z - but then you either need 3 Red items of the same type or you have to play Fatsharks slot machine to try and get what you want.

DLC Weapons requiring 5 Red Items is indeed rather expensive for a new player. Not only due to the amount of time but also possibly losing needed red items for the current class or other characters/classes JUST to get this 1 weapon which usually with the new DLC is really good.

Possible fixes or improvements would be to emulate VT1’s bounty board in that you can more easily work towards specific goals to unlock higher tier items. Perhaps lowering the cost of crafting red items to 3 while adding arbitrary ways to make use of crafting materials (cosmetics, keep decorations, etc… something that shouldn’t positively influence the gameplay).

Crafting System should be looked at in that you shouldn’t re-roll the same stats that an item already had. This would cut down on the amount of randomness in a small way. Certain stats/properties/traits desperately need to be looked at mostly when it comes to either complete remakes or simply buffs. Such changes are long overdo.

Shiny Skins cost Shillings in Lohners Pawn Shop.
Red weapons cost Shillings in Lohners Pawn Shop.
Chest drop Shillings instead of Reds at the same rate / %age

Still have the same problem. Those of us with 200+vaults to open will have shillings galore and buy the whole range in minutes. New player STILL need to grind like a MoFo to get what they want.


This is confirmed then? Too bad Shilling Drop Rate wasn’t simply added to what currently can drop so you could get Shillings / Reds in the same chest.

Perhaps they should add a few Quests that can give a small amount of shillings or something. Weekly Events / Daily Quests / Heroic Deeds.

Absolutely not confirmed - just my musings.

I simply refuse to believe adding the DLC weapons to the random drop table of chests requires a lot of work from fatshark.

I agree adding the weapons into the random drop table would be a better way to go about things. Fatshark received a lot criticism for doing it this way in VT1, but that was because DLC weapons could only drop on DLC maps, and we also couldn’t pick which character we got our loot for like we can in VT2.

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